TODAY Host Savannah Guthrie Announces Book on God’s Love: ‘Very Personal’

Photo from Savannah Guthrie’s Instagram

TODAY Host Savannah Guthrie Announces Book on God’s Love: ‘Very Personal’

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE TODAY SHOW host Savannah Guthrie announced that she has been working on a new faith-based book, “Mostly What God Does.”

“I’m so passionate about faith, how it can challenge us and inspire us, and it is at the heart of a new project that I am excited to reveal right now,” Guthrie said. “I’ve decided to share a book. It’s called ‘Mostly What God Does’ because mostly what God does is love you.”

“It’s just a bunch of reflections on faith and love and kindness and goodness,” she added. “It’s very personal, which is why I’m in tears about is, but also really overjoyed and delighted, but scared because it’s certainly the most personal and vulnerable thing I’ve ever done. But also a joy because I’m really passionate about this, and I hope it will be full of love and happiness for everyone.”

Though this is Guthrie’s first foray into books for adults, she has previously written two children’s books: “Princesses Wear Pants” and “Princesses Save the World.”

Co-host Hoda Kobt had a chance to read an excerpt from her upcoming book and had nothing but praise for Guthrie’s work.

“It doesn’t matter your background. It doesn’t matter your faith. When you read this book, you’ll be touched,” Kobt said.

“If you ever struggle with your connection to God, or whether you even feel connected to a faith at all, you’re not alone,” a description of the book reads. “Especially in our modern world, with its relentless, never-ending news cycle, we can all grapple with such questions.”

“In this collection of essays, Savannah Guthrie shares why she believes [believing in God’s love makes the most sense],” the description continues. “Unspooling personal stories from her own joys and sorrows as a daughter, mother, wife, friend, and professional journalist, the award-winning TODAY show co-anchor and New York Times bestselling author explores the place of faith in everyday life.”

“Mostly What God Does” will be available starting Feb. 20, 2024.

Movieguide® previously reported on Guthrie’s faith:

Co-anchor of NBC’s TODAY Show Savannah Guthrie is unashamed of her relationship with Jesus and teaches her children to rely on God’s Word.

“I think sometimes people are surprised that my faith means so much to me,” Guthrie answered during an interview with Guidepost writer Celeste McCauley. “But I think that’s less and less true because I’ve talked about it publicly a bunch. If I’m asked, I talk about it.”

She added: “I love talking about my faith. I love talking about God’s love. I love talking about how we all struggle and are on this journey together.”

Guthrie’s heart for God started at a young age after her cousin encouraged her to memorize Psalm 23, a verse that sticks with Guthrie to this day.