What You Should Know About the TV Show WESTWORLD

What You Should Know About the TV Show WESTWORLD

There’s a lot of talk surrounding the HBO series WESTWORLD, which has garnered lots of accolades and is now in its second season. For media-wise viewers, however, there are things in the show you’ll want to know about before a co-worker or friend has convinced you to check it out. WESTWORLD is set sometime in the future and takes place in a theme park called Westworld where high-paying guests pay big money to experience the American Old West that’s populated by androids in the park called hosts. The androids look just like humans and are designed to allow the guests to immerse themselves in different storylines, usually dark and full of immoral behavior the guests could never get away with in the real world. 

Some people reading this may have run at the first sight of the words “HBO tv series” and with good reason. HBO has made such shows as SEX IN THE CITY and the popular fantasy show GAME OF THRONES, which Movieguide® has vehemently criticized before for its graphic sexual violence. WESTWORLD is not far off from GAME OF THRONES in its indecency. As is commonly reported in trade publications, many episodes, if not most, feature long scenes of explicit male and female nudity. Sex is also frequently portrayed, and an episode halfway into season one has an explicit orgy scene. One of the executive producers of the show commented on this particular episode and said that they were keen on making sure the scene didn’t go “too far into the pornographic world and keeps it in the sensual world”. However, this statement is basically an admission that the episode is already in the “pornographic world” to an extent. 

Beyond the sex, WESTWORLD is also stained with explicit violence, with shocking images of women and children being slaughtered and murdered. Even though they’re technically droids, the images are shocking and can still have a very negative influence on susceptible children that watch them. 

WESTWORLD clearly has problematic content. Yet, unfortunately, many people are so pressured to stay “up to date” on pop-culture, they put material in front of them that’s harmful. One popular family review service shockingly even features discussion questions for WESTWORLD that parents can have with their children as if parents should be watching this series with their children. Movieguide® isn’t afraid to advise all viewers, both adult, and especially children to avoid WESTWORLD on HBO.