GAME OF THRONES is So Graphic, Porn Websites Are Stealing the Content

GAME OF THRONES is So Graphic, Porn Websites Are Stealing the Content

By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor

The HBO series GAME OF THRONES has been quite comfortable with controversy for the eight years its been airing. Beyond the graphic sex scenes frequently included in the show, the series also includes many storylines that include incest, extreme bloody violence and multiple graphic depictions of rape that are clearly gratuitous, even from the perspective of mainstream and liberal critics.

However, somehow the creators manage to convince viewers that what they’re watching isn’t pornography, meant to titillate and shock, but is instead “art.” Even many Christian viewers find ways to excuse the show so they can enjoy some entertainment they find compelling and exciting. That said, recent data from the X-rated site Pornhub, as reported in The Daily Mail, reveals that GAME OF THRONES not only is linked to pornography usage, but scenes from the show are being used as porn directly.

In 2016, HBO was in a legal battle with the porn website over the sites use of sexually explicit clips from GAME OF THRONES, which HBO states breaches their copyright of the content. Additionally, Pornhub reveled that Internet porn usage decreased when HBO was airing a new episode of GAME OF THRONES and only increased back to the average number of users four hours after a new episode had aired. According to The Daily Mail, the data also found searches for Game of Thrones-related videos and pictures of characters also rocketed by nearly 370 percent on the day of the [episode] premiere.”

For networks, filmmakers and even many Christians to claim that programming like GAME OF THRONES isn’t gratuitous or excessive, then what debauchery depicted on screen is? Also, what messages are we passing down to children when we say this graphic rape and violent abuse of women is acceptable for adults to consume as entertainment? The show may not be made for children, but children see the giant billboards along the highway, hear the conversations of the latest plot development, and know how to use HBO GO on their iPad, probably better than most adults.

If that doesn’t make you sad, go to the media review website Common Sense Media and read the section where over 100 kids have reviewed GAME OF THRONES (some as young as 11 years old) and give a glowing recommendation of four out of five stars. For many of these kids, GAME OF THRONES may be their first introduction to pornography, and, as numerous studies show, the effect it could have could be detrimental.

HBO knows what they’re making, and knows how people respond to the content. It’s why they don’t want people watching their content on porn websites instead of HBO. Now in its final season, GAME OF THRONES still features plenty of gratuitous content. Here’s MOVIEGUIDE®’s message to HBO, though:

Dear HBO, if you want porn sites to stop stealing your content, stop making porn!

**Please note: This article was originally published in 2016 and updated in April 2019.

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