"Being Present Is the Greatest Present"

What You Need To Know:

A CHRISTMAS… PRESENT is a family centered Christmas movie on the Great American Family Channel about a busy family that finally realizes what’s most important in life. Maggie Larson is driving herself hard trying to plan the perfect Christmas for her family. However, demanding jobs and busy teenagers keep getting in the way. Maggie’s brother, Paul, and his daughter, who are dealing with the recent death of Paul’s wife, are the only ones who understand what’s most important. Will everyone be able to put their schedules and differences aside to truly come together?

A CHRISTMAS… PRESENT is a breath of fresh air. It tells a unique Christmas story and portrays real family struggles. The movie does a fantastic job tying in Christian faith and showing what’s most important in life – faith and family. The movie’s heartwarming, wholesome messages draw in viewers, leaving them with positive lessons. The Christmas settings are gorgeous, and the acting is excellent. A CHRISTMAS… PRESENT has a strong Christian, biblical worldview stressing church, faith, family, generosity, and love. It’s an uplifting, entertaining movie suitable for all ages.


(CCC, BBB, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong Christian, biblical worldview stresses the importance of church, faith, family, generosity, and love and has numerous biblical references, with a story where characters have gotten so caught up in their busy lives that they’ve fallen away from faith and family, but eventually come back to them;

Foul Language:
No foul language;

No violence;

No sex scenes or sexual immorality, but there’s a kissing scene between a married couple;

No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Female lead has strayed from her faith but finds it again, and same character is also rather controlling for a while (she thinks she’s helping her loved ones, not realizing what they actually want is different from what she wants).

More Detail:

A CHRISTMAS PRESENT is an uplifting Christmas movie on the Great American Family Channel.

Maggie Larson and her family struggle to find time that fits into each person’s busy schedule. This task results in needing to cancel or reschedule many of her big holiday plans. Maggie is upset thinking that Christmas won’t be perfect if things don’t happen the way she planned. However, after spending time with her brother she eventually realizes what’s most important.

Right from the beginning, demanding jobs and busy life schedules get in the way of the holiday plans that Maggie desperately tries making for her family. Maggie and her husband, Eric, are so consumed by their own jobs, as well as parenting their two teenagers, Will and Becca, that they’ve drifted apart in their marriage as well.

Maggie remembers her brother, Paul, and his daughter, Ashley, who are grieving the recent loss of his wife and Ashley’s mother. She decides they should not be alone for the holidays. Maggie wants to fix everything and create the perfect Christmas for both families. So, she surprises her family by going to visit her brother and niece with for Christmas.

However, Will and Becca aren’t thrilled to be leaving their social lives behind for 10 days. Also, Eric isn’t happy about leaving his job behind during a crucial business deal. Furthermore, young Ashley isn’t thrilled to have all of Maggie’s endless plans forced upon her and her dad. Maggie is trying too hard to schedule the perfect Christmas, and it appears that no one is happy.

Maggie expects Paul to be sad because of his wife’s death. However, it’s evident that because of his and his daughter’s strong Christian faith the support of their wonderful church, Paul and Ashley are doing just fine. In fact, he’s actually happy, because he knows he will see his wife again one day. Paul understands better than anyone how special it is to spend quality time with loved ones and how it’s more important than having any grand holiday plans.

As the trip progresses, will Maggie be able to stop planning everybody’s life and let things happen more naturally so that everyone is happy? Will everyone be able to put their phones, their work, their plans and their busy schedules aside to enjoy each others’ presence and Christmas together?

A CHRISTMAS… PRESENT is unique in that it tells a more genuine Christmas story compared to most other popular Christmas romantic comedies. The audience is drawn in by the realness of this family and the struggles they encounter during the holiday season. Faith is a strong theme throughout the entirety of the movie and leaves viewers with positive messages to take away. Also, the movie’s different Christmas settings are colorful and lively.

A CHRISTMAS… PRESENT has a strong Christian, biblical worldview that portrays the importance of church, faith, family, generosity, love, and more! Maggie and her family have gotten so caught up in their busy lives that they’ve fall away from faith, almost by accident, but eventually realize the importance and come back to it in the end. A Finally, CHRISTMAS… PRESENT has numerous biblical references, endless positive messages and strong wholesome content, making it great entertainment and suitable for all ages.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +1