What You Need To Know:

Continuing the spoof of the popular TV sitcom, A VERY BRADY SEQUEL reunites the cast as they portray their moral, sunny 70's attitudes in the cynical 1990's. This time, a man shows up claiming to be Carol's long-lost husband, steals an ugly family heirloom and tries to sell it for millions of dollars. Featuring a sarcastic look at morality and frequent sexual innuendo, it is not a movie for children or for those who loved the TV series.


(Ab, L, S, D, M) Anti-biblical worldview where morality is mocked throughout; 2 obscenities & 1 profanity, all refuted; car chase; frequent sexual innuendo involving incestuous thoughts, implied erection & cross dressing; upper male nudity & women in bikinis; accidental drug use & drug trip depicted; and miscellaneous immorality including man giving children advice to lie & cheat;

More Detail:

In A VERY BRADY SEQUEL, the Brady’s unknowingly own an archeological treasure worth millions of dollars. A strange man introduces himself as Carol’s long lost husband, but he is actually a thief, named Roy, who only wants to steal the treasure and sell it for millions to a dealer in Hawaii. Carol and Mike invite Roy in as a house guest. Meanwhile, Greg and Marcia develop sexual feelings for each other. Eventually, Roy steals the antique, kidnaps Carol, ties up the children, and jets off to Hawaii. With brilliant deduction, Mike packs the family and heads off to the island state. The children do a musical number on the plane, arrive safely and foil Roy’s caper.

With very little foul language, no violence and a father who talks good sense, this seems like a perfect family picture. But, beware! It is not. The movie is filled with incestuous sexual innuendo and cross dressing. The Brady morality equates to dullness and “not keeping up with the times.” In some ways, it is like showing the foolish to confound the wise. This movie could have gotten a larger audience if it focused on morality confounding the confused ways of today, but it had to taint the family purity by adding sexual innuendo and incestuous feelings. This is not a movie for children or for those who loved the television series

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