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What You Need To Know:

In ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA, a powerful time-traveling villain named Kang has been stranded in the Quantum Realm for years. He manages to transport Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, and his daughter, Cassie, into the Quantum Realm. He wants to use Scott’s Ant-Man technology to escape the Quantum Realm and resume his career of destroying and conquering whole planets. Kang has also transported Scott’s fiancée, Hope, Scott’s partner the Wasp, and her parents, Hank and Janet, the original Ant-Man and the Wasp. Kang threatens Scott’s daughter if Scott doesn’t help Kang. Of course, Scott can’t trust Kang, but what choice does he have?

QUANTUMANIA is packed with action. It’s laced with some winsome comedy and strong pro-family, pro-freedom messages. Scott must save his daughter and the people and creatures in the Quantum Realm from Kang’s ruthless tyranny and faceless minions. This positive content is marred by many mostly light obscenities and a few strong profanities. QUANTUMANIA also has brief references to evolution in the Quantum Realm and to the allegedly socialist organization of the ants. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong and extreme caution.


(BB, C, ACAC, H, Ev, So, PC, LLL, VV, S, A, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral worldview stresses family and includes a plot where the hero, with help from his fiancée and her parents, must save his daughter and an oppressed group of other people and weird sentient creatures from the organized tyranny of a powerful, murderous, insatiable time-traveling human from the future who’s out to conquer and rule as many worlds as he can, accompanied by some redemptive actions and expressed feelings of repentance, mitigated by a verbal positive reference to evolution, and it’s implied that some ants have become bigger and smarter in the “Quantum Realm” and have evolved, one scientific character makes a positive verbal reference to socialism when talking about the amazingly cohesive organization of ants, and some light implied political correctness are associated with the activism of the hero’s daughter

Foul Language:
22 obscenities, two GD profanities, eight light exclamatory profanities (such as OMG or OG), and heroes drink red liquid from a talking jelly fish character in the Quantum Realm, which enables them to talk with the other people and creatures there

Lots of action violence includes a rebel alliance of disparate people and creatures fight and exchange laser gun fire with the villain’s faceless minions, villain holds hostage the hero’s daughter and threatens her life, at least two bug battles, lots of punching during battles and fights, explosions, cannons are fired at characters fighting other characters, villain beats up hero at one point, lots of jeopardy

No sex scenes or crude sexual remarks, but a married couple confesses in one scene they had romantic relationships with other people when they were separated accidentally for 30 years, with no hope of getting back together (sex is lightly implied)

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
Alcohol use in the background at a bar/restaurant

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
One man has telepathic powers and can read minds, 18-year-old has been arrested after she shrunk a police car during a street protest, villain deceives people.

More Detail:

In ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA, Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, must rescue his daughter from Kang, a powerful time-traveling human who transports Scott, his daughter and his girlfriend, The Wasp, and her parents into the Quantum Realm so he can return to the Macro Realm and resume his career of destroying and conquering whole planets. QUANTUMANIA is an action-packed science fiction adventure, laced with some winsome comedy and strong pro-family and pro-freedom messages, but the threats from the villain could use a little more gravitas, and the movie’s positive content is marred by too much foul language and some brief references to evolution, socialism and two past extra-marital affairs when a married couple are separated accidentally for 30 years.

The movie opens with Scott Lang humorously enjoying his life as an Avenger superhero who saved the universe. He’s even written a book about his experiences, which encourages people to be heroic. However, he has to bail his daughter, Cassie, out of jail after she shrunk a police car during a protest about homeless people.

Back at home, their family, including Scott’s fiancée, Hope, and her parents, Hank Pym and Janet, are enjoying a nice dinner. Scott learns that this wasn’t Cassie’s only time being arrested for getting in trouble during a protest. That first time, Cassie asked Hope to bail her out of jail. The family gets into a “discussion” about how best to make a difference in the world, with Scott saying there are better ways than getting arrested, and Cassie complaining that her father has become a little lazy about helping other people.

At that point, Cassie reveals that she and Hank are working on a project in the lab about the Quantum Realm, where Hank’s wife, Janet, was trapped for 30 years before they rescued her in the last movie. They all retire to the lab, where Cassie reveals that she’s created a device that lets them look into the Quantum Realm to study it from afar, rather than endangering a person’s life by having to travel there to explore the world.

When Cassie, however, mentions that she and Hank have been sending signals into the Quantum realm, Janet becomes extremely upset. She says that’s a stupid, dangerous thing to do. Sure enough, Cassie’s little device starts pulsating; and, suddenly, everyone is being shrunk and dragged into the Quantum Realm. As they fall into that world, Scott enlarges himself so he can protect Cassie from the fall. However, when they land, they realize they’ve become separated from Hank’s family.

It turns out that Hank’s wife, Janet, has some secrets about her 30-year history of being stranded in the Quantum Realm. She made friends with a time-traveling human from the future named Kang. He promised to take her back to the macro world if she helped him fix his time ship’s power core. However, she learned that Kang is a murderous megalomaniac who’s been banished deliberately to the Quantum Realm because of his crimes. Kang wants to escape the Quantum realm so he can resume his career of conquering and destroying planets.

Janet was able to steal the rebuilt power core and destroy it, however. Sadly, though, Kang decided to conquer and oppress the other intelligent people and creatures in the Quantum Realm. Before Janet was rescued by Scott, her daughter and her husband, Janet helped the beings in the Quantum Realm fight back against Kang. Now, however, Kang has used Cassie’s device to drag Scott back to the Quantum Realm so he can use Scott’s Ant-Man tech to rebuild his time ship’s power core and resume his infamous career throughout the multiverse.

Eventually, after some fighting and plotting against Kang, Kang captures Scott and Cassie. He threatens to kill Cassie unless Scott helps him rebuild his time ship’s power core.

QUANTUMANIA is packed with action. It’s also laced with some winsome, goofy comedy and strong pro-family and pro-freedom messages. Scott has to save both his daughter and the people and creatures in the Quantum Real from the villain’s tyranny and his faceless minions. In addition, both Scott and his daughter have a strong family bond between them, as do Hope and her parents. QUANTUMANIA also has a redemptive element of repentance. For example, Janet feels guilty about helping Kang and wants to set things right.

This positive content is mitigated, however, by a few negative elements. For example, QUANTUMANIA has lots of foul language, including “h” obscenities, “s” obscenities and two GD profanities. In addition, Hank makes a verbal reference to evolution. Also, some of the ants that Hank loves show a degree of evolution as they grow into more aware, technologically advanced creatures in the story. Hank also makes a positive remark about the alleged “socialism” expressed by ant society. In another scene, Hank and his wife admit that, during their accidental 30-year separation, they had romantic affairs with two other people. Finally, the people and creatures in the Quantum Realm don’t have any transcendent religious values or beliefs.

Therefore, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA.

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