"“Slapstick Dinosaur Comedy for the Whole Family”"

What You Need To Know:

BAD DINOSAURS is a light-hearted comedy aimed for children that contains lots of farting and burping. The show chronicles a Tyrannosaurus family–a mama T-Rex with her three children. As with any siblings, BAD DINOSAURS shows the older two T-Rexes picking on their younger sibling however, at the end of each segment all the siblings come together and love each other. Each segment of the show is filled with vibrant animation and easy to understand stories, as the series contains no words. Other shows portray dinosaurs as violent and frightening creatures but in BAD DINOSAURS these T-Rexes are seen as silly, somewhat unintelligent, and loveable.

BAD DINOSAURS contains some questionable moral content as the siblings pick on one another, as well as take things from other dinosaurs and even contains a scary/spooky segment. However, the show is filled with genuine love from mama T-Rex and portrays the bond a mother has with her children. BAD DINOSAURS contains some violence as the dinosaurs are seen fighting on multiple occasions and the siblings often beat up one another.


(V, B, Ev)

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral worldview promotes a positive relationship between a mother and her children, having fun together as a family, and coming together at the end of the day no matter what the family endured. There are a few minor questionable elements such as violence between siblings, dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs, a mother going to any length to protect her children, and scary critters.

Foul Language:
No foul language;

A few scenes contain mild violence with several dinosaurs fighting one another but there are no graphic images.

No sex.

No Nudity.

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use.

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs.

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Nothing else objectionable.

More Detail:

BAD DINOSAURS is a light-hearted comedy aimed at children that chronicles a Tyrannosaurus family–a mama T-Rex with her three children, a pink T-Rex, a young purple T. Rex, and a young red T-Rex. This Movieguide® review covers Episodes 1-3. Episode One opens with all three baby T. Rexes looking upon a Pterodactyl, overlooking a pond. The Pterodactyl sticks its beak into the water and catches a big fish. All the baby T-Rexes rush up to the Pterodactyl to steal the fish. However, the older T-Rexes shut out their younger sibling, the red T-Rex. The youngest T-Rex takes matters into its own hands and bites the Pterodactyl’s tail to steal the fish.

Just when baby T-Rex thinks the fish is all theirs, the older siblings snatch the fish and keep it away from the baby. Suddenly Mama T-Rex appears, and the oldest kids run to her for her love and attention. Meanwhile the baby T-Rex takes the fish and begins to run away. After a series of crazy twists, turns, trees falling over, and fart (yes, there are farts), the Pterodactyl spots its fish from the sky and swoops down to reclaim its dinner. Yet, that’s not all the Pterodactyl grabbed; it also brought the baby T-Rex. The two dinos fight over the fish and finally the Pterodactyl gulps the fish down whole before flying away. The baby T-Rex is reluctant and jumps from the high rocks and onto the Pterodactyl’s back, cushioning the fall with a fart. The baby T-Rex fights the Pterodactyl until the T-Rex takes back the fish and eats it all alone.

Episode Two contains three segments, the first being “Tricera-Cops.” In this first segment of the show, the Tyrannosaurus family is seen walking through the hot desert, dehydrated and exhausted. A herd of smaller purple dinosaurs ran past, startling the dinosaurs. The T-Rex family follows the herd and stumbles upon a dinosaur oasis in the middle of the desert. This oasis is filled with water holes, food, and other dinosaurs. As the Tyrannosaurus family makes their way down to the oasis, they come across two dinosaurs that refuse to let them pass. Instead of being violent, the mama Tyrannosaurus tries to plead with the two Triceratops to let them pass but fails to do so. When another Triceratops comes to pass through the two “Tricera-Cops” let it pass.

The T-Rex family devise a plan to disguise themselves as Triceratops and are finally able to pass through but not before the baby T-Rex ruins the decoy. The T-Rexes are forced to run as fast as they can to escape the “Tricera-Cops.” The mama Tyrannosaurus springs into action to protect her children and just when she thought she succeeded, the family is thrown out of the oasis, but not before they all decide to jump into one of the water holes.

Another segment of the dinosaur adventures is “The Sliming,” which has a spooky theme to it. In “The Sliming,” the T-Rex family is caught in the middle of a thunderstorm while attempting to make it to their destination. The family finds a cave their mother wants them all to hide in until the storm is over. Tired from the long trek, the mother Tyrannosaurus attempts to sleep but the kids are spooked by what is in the back of the cave.

The lightning from the thunderstorm creates a giant shadow that stuns the children. Next, the children hear various noises coming from the back of the cave. The baby T-Rex runs to find out what all the noise. It returns covered in green glowing slime and appears to be in a trance like state. When the mother awakens, she is approached by a very spooky looking critter and attempts to fight off the critter to protect her children. The T-Rex discovers the critter’s slime is edible and tastes yummy. Once they eat all the slime from the critter, the T-Rex family falls fast asleep in the cave together.

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