"Strong Faith Message Marred by Lackluster, Confusing Filmmaking"

Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

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What You Need To Know:

FULL COUNT is a small faith-based drama from 2019 now available on home video and streaming services like Amazon Prime. It tells the story of a high school senior, Milton Young, who has a bright future in baseball. When Milton gets a baseball scholarship to Mountainview University and earns the starting pitcher position, everything seems to be falling into place. However, after a series of unfortunate events, Milton is caught up in family business drama, tragedy and a possible prison sentence for a deadly traffic accident he may not have committed. All hope appears lost until a random drifter starts working on the family farm, and miracles begin to happen.

FULL COUNT is too jumpy to grab the viewer’s attention and involvement. In fact, it jumps so much that it’s actually hard to follow. Also, the acting is below average. However, the movie does have a strong Christian, biblical worldview with prayer, family loyalty, many Scripture references, and faith that God will see His children through all situations. However, some disturbing deaths and violence warrant caution for older children.


(CCC, BBB, VV, A, DD, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong Christian, biblical worldview as prayer and church services are depicted, Scripture is quoted throughout the movie, and the main character is seen reading his Bible, character talks about his “inner voice” (which is assumed to be the Holy Spirit leading him), a conversation about God blessing you with talents, miracles happen, and what’s thought to be an angel blows on and touches the arms of the main character to give him knowledge, a strong mother and son relationship is depicted, and character forgives his father for his shortcomings and patches up the relationship

Foul Language:
No foul language

Young man is seen having an overdose, one character is seen having a stroke or a heart attack and dying, man is seen beating up main character and stealing his truck with him in it and, while driving hits and kills a woman, after the man hits the woman, he continues to beat the boy and frame him for the accident, woman points gun at a man on her property out of protection, and two teammates get into two pushing and shoving altercations

No sex

No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
Underage teenager seen giving his friend alcohol to cope with a death, but the character doesn’t end up drinking it, he just opens it and smells it

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking, but a young man overdoses on prescription pills; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Father and son have a strained relationship, but it’s quickly fixed, police officer severely abuses his power but receives his just rewards at the end of the movie.

More Detail:

FULL COUNT opens with Milton, a high school senior, who details his childhood growing up learning to play baseball with his dad on their farm. Flash forward to high school. The town they live in is experiencing a horrible drought, which is causing the farm to go bankrupt. Milton’s dad is very different than his childhood days and wants Milton to quit baseball to work on the farm. However, Milton’s mother still supports her son’s dream.

Cut to the hospital where Milton is lying in a bed in a coma. Police officers are there as it seems Milton is in some sort of trouble, but the audience isn’t clued in on what has happened yet.

Cut to a baseball game. Milton has just thrown the winning pitch to send his team to the state championship game. The following days are spent preparing for the big came that’s coming. Milton’s mother encourages him and tells Milton she’s is going to do everything she can to get his father to the game.

The championship game picks up at the very end of the game when both Milton’s mother and father show up. This gives Milton the encouragement he needs, and he strikes the last batter out to win the game. A scout from Mountainview University approaches Milton. However, his father is still set on him working on the farm and forgetting baseball.

A few days pass before Milton’s father speaks to him and apologizes for how he acted towards Milton. Milton’s father passes down a family heirloom to him and gives him his blessing to play baseball.

When Milton arrives at Mountainview University, he meets one teammate who’s threatened by him because Milton could take his starting position. Before the first game, Milton learns he won the starting position. This makes the other boy upset and causes him to overdose on prescription pills because of the pressure put on him by his father.

While the audience sees the boy taking the pills, the camera cuts to Milton’s father working on the farm. Suddenly, Milton’s dad has a stroke or a heart attack and also dies.

Cut to the funeral. At the funeral, Milton tells his mother he needs some alone time and takes off in his truck. However, before Milton leaves, his friend gives him a bottle of alcohol. Milton takes the unopened bottle with him when he gets into his truck.

Apparently, while on this drive, Milton got into a bad accident and hit a woman with his truck, but he doesn’t remember it. This accident is why Milton is in the hospital. Of course, the police are investigating the incident, which could land Milton in prison. During the accident, Milton also suffered a hand injury that ends his baseball career. So, while the police are considering what charges to file against Milton, he decides to stay home with his mother to try and save their family farm.

All hope appears lost until a random drifter named David sees a help wanted sign at the farm. He says he’ll work for free, so Milton and his mother accept the help. Weird miracles begin to happen after David arrives, which could bring good news for Milton and his mother.

FULL COUNT has a good message but is too jumpy to grab the viewer’s attention. The acting is below average. The scene where one man is dying from a heart attack/stroke and another is committing suicide is horribly done and conveys no real emotion to the viewer, even though it’s supposed to be the driving force for the rest of the movie. Some other very weird moments include when a man who’s supposed to be an angel, blows his hands and grabs Milton’s arms to give him special knowledge.

FULL COUNT does have a very strong Christian, biblical worldview with prayer, family loyalty, many Scripture references, and faith that God will see his children through all situations. However, some disturbing deaths and violence makes MOVIEGUIDE® advise caution for older children for FULL COUNT.

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