"Transgender Madness from Europe "

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

GIRL is a Belgium drama in French and Flemish. It follows Lara, a teenager who’s just began a new ballet school in Belgium. Lara and Lara’s family have just moved cities, so Lara can attend this school, because it’s one of the country’s best. Although Lara possesses the genetic makeup of a male 15-year-old, Lara, who was once Victor, identifies as a female and wants to be a ballerina. Having a very supportive father, Victor sees doctors to receive hormones and discuss getting a “sex change” operation. Dealing with these things, plus navigating through a new challenging school, Victor prepares for a more complicated life than most. There’s one thing Victor wants, and, one way or another, he’s going to get it.

GIRL deals with very heavy subject matter and gives a glimpse into the life of someone who feels so far beyond what they look like on the outside. There are touching moments, sad moments and cringeworthy moments. GIRL is convincing and well-acted, up to a point. However, its Romantic, homosexual, politically correct worldview is abhorrent and contains excessive full-frontal nudity.


(RoRoRo, PCPCPC, HoHoHo, LL, VV, SS, NNN, A, D, MMM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
  Very strong Romantic, homosexual, politically correct worldview where effeminate teenage boy identifies with a sex that’s not his own by birth, has relations with another male, parents and family support and assist in the changing of boy’s sex, teenage boy and characters follow their own personal desires above the needs or feelings of anyone else, there’s no moral guidance other than what is felt;

Foul Language:
 Five obscenities and no profanities;

 One scene is particularly violent although it isn’t shown plainly on screen, a few examples of blood as ballet dancer’s feet are overworked, blood on genitals from self-abuse;

 Strong sexual immorality shows homosexual and transgender behavior, a couple makes out in the distance and begins to undress, one oral sex scene without being shown, implied self-abuse;

  High amount of nudity, multiple examples of rear male nudity and full male, a few female upper nudity, as well as one full female frontal shown in the shower, and girls swim in two-piece bathing suits, but these images are shown in a non-sexual sense;

Alcohol Use:
  A couple has wine with their dinner;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
  Mention of smoking a cigarette but not shown and no drug references; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
  Examples of a dysfunctional family, examples of self-harm in order to get what is desired, one scene with a school bully taunting transgender teenage boy Lara to show everyone his genitals, and multiple examples of moral relativism.  

More Detail:

GIRL is a Belgium drama in French and Flemish. It follows teenager Lara who’s just began a new ballet school in Belgium. He and his family have just moved cities so that he can attend this school, because it’s one of the best ones in the country. Although he possesses the genetic makeup of a male 15-year-old, Lara, who was once Victor, identifies as a female and obliterates his male face with a female-looking one by using makeup and other means. Because Victor has felt this way for a while, his father has been trying to help by taking him to see doctors and therapists in order to receive hormones and begin the process of transforming his sex by masking his physical masculine traits.

The new school doesn’t begin easily for Victor/Lara, however. While other students take their lunch and can relax, Victor uses lunchtime to get extra ballet training, because he’s not been a “ballerina” as long as the children born female. Besides this, the teachers want to make sure the girls in the class are comfortable with Victor using the girls locker room and dancing the female parts.

Victor’s father tries to help him and understand as best as he can, although there’s a flicker of emotion when there is a mention of having sons. Victor doesn’t like to talk about the terrible things, including bullying, he experiences on a daily basis, and it frustrates his father, because he feels like he can’t help him this way.

One day, a girl at school is having a birthday party and Victor is invited. They all swim in the pool, eat together, and start playing dress-up and taking pictures. The girls begin asking Victor/Lara questions on the more personal end, things he doesn’t like to mention, much less discuss. Feeling it’s unfair that he’s seen them naked, and they haven’t seen him, they begin taunting him to lift up his dress and reveal himself. Feeling pressured, Victor does it and immediately leaves the party to goes home early.

Victor becomes more and more frustrated with his male body and requests to have more hormones. Because the doctors have been monitoring him for a while, they can see he is not in a good place physically, emotionally or mentally. His father is worried sick about him and tries to get him to stay home from school in order to get some much-needed rest. After taking some time off from everything, Lara seems to be doing okay. However, there’s one thing he wants, and one way or another, he’s going to get it.

GIRL is a melancholy slice of life movie giving viewers a small glimpse into very strong internal and external, but bizarre, struggles. Because many people know how it sometimes is to feel out of place, the audience can’t help but have empathy for this teenager fighting to belong somewhere. The actors all have very little experience in movies, yet they seem believably natural.

However, GIRL is filled with questionable content, including a very strong Romantic, homosexual, politically correct worldview. The movie centers on a confused transgender teenager who wants nothing more than to completely change the body God gave him. The movie has no objective moral values. Personal feelings divorced from God and biblical truth are the driving force behind almost all decisions. There are multiple examples of moral relativism. Finally, GIRL also contains some excessive genital nudity. GIRL is another abhorrent leftist movie promoting a godless, perverse, anti-biblical agenda.