Amazing, Courageous Fight for Survival

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© Baehr, 2016

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch,
Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster,
Yousuf Azami, Ali Suliman,
Eric Bana, Alexander Ludwig,
Rich Ting, Dan Blizerian

Genre: Drama

Audience: Older teenagers and adults

Rating: R

Runtime: 121 minutes

Distributor: Universal Pictures/Comcast

Director: Peter Berg

Executive Producer: Braden Aftergood, Brandt
Anderson, Peter Berg,
Remington Chase, Grant Cramer,
Mark Damon, Simon Fawcett,
Kerry Foster, Louis G.
Friedman, George Furla,
Stephan Martirosyan, Jeff
Rice, Steven Saxton, Lauren
Selig, Adi Shankar, Jason
Shuman, Spencer Silna, Tamara
Stuparich de la Barra

Producer: Sarah Aubrey, Randall Emmett,
Akiva Goldsman, Norton
Herrick, Stephan Levinson,
Barry Spikings, Mark Wahlberg

Writer: Peter Berg

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Brian L. Roberts, Chairman/CEO/President, Comcast Corp.
Stephen Burke, CEO, and Ron Meyer, Vice Chairman, NBC Universal
Jeff Shell, President, Universal Studios
Diana Langley, Chairman, Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608-1085
Phone: (818) 777-1000; Web Page: www.universalstudios.com


(BB, PPP, C, LLL, VVV, M) Strong moral worldview with very strong patriotic content extolling patriotism, courage, and sacrifice, an Afghani villager shows kindness to an American soldier and protects him, a soldier states “God is looking out for us,” and men sing part of “Silent Night”; 125 obscenities (including 115 “f” words), 2 GDs, and one male genitalia reference; very strong action violence in battles, soldiers are repeatedly shot, wounds of blown off fingers, shrapnel ridden legs, broken bones, men gruesomely roll down a mountain cliff on two different occasions, half a man’s face is burnt, and a man is stabbed with a knife; no sexual content; upper male nudity; no alcohol use; no drug use; and, betrayal.


LONE SURVIVOR is a gut-wrenching true story based on a failed military mission in Afghanistan where four Navy Seals are stranded and out numbered against hundreds of Taliban soldiers. LONE SURVIVOR is inspiring and gripping, with a strong moral, patriotic worldview promoting courage and sacrifice, but extreme caution is advised for abundant foul language and brutal war violence.


LONE SURVIVOR is an inspiring, gut wrenching true story based on SEAL Team 10’s failed mission in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005.

A group of Navy Seals in are brought in for a mission codenamed Operation Red Wings. Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg) along with three other Navy Seals, Michael, Danny and Matthew are informed of their target, a notorious Taliban leader that is killing American troops. Their mission is to capture or take him out.

A helicopter takes the four men into the mountains and leaves them there. On doing surveillance of the small mountain village where the Taliban leader is thought to be, they discover that the number of armed terrorists they’re up against is much larger than they originally thought. To make matters worse, while hiding up in the mountains, they stumble across a goat herder and his two sons. To avoid being found by the enemy, they capture the old man and his two sons to decide their fate. Marcus argues to let them go, and Danny responds that that will compromise the mission and possibly more troop lives. The senior officer decides that the only option is to free the civilians and abort the mission, knowing that as soon as they do so, hundreds of men will swarm their way.

The four men begin their walk to the pickup zone, but the mountains block their communication with home base. With little time and no communication for backup, it’s clear they’ll have to fight their way home through possibly hundreds of men, or die trying.

LONE SURVIVOR is expertly made and incredibly gripping. From the very beginning, the movie shows who these four men are and what they have to face. The action, though exciting at times, is more brutal than anything else, but generates a reverence for what American servicemen go through when fighting Islamic terrorism. Mark Wahlberg as the real life survivor Marcus Luttrell owns his role. His commitment shows a deep amount of respect for the men who died on the mission. The patriotism, courage, sacrifice, and endless perseverance the men show inspires a deep sense of admiration. Several moral decisions are made in surprising twists where random strangers help and even put their life on the line for the American Seal. There’s also a positive reference to God when a soldier loses his gun, finds it, and says, “God’s looking out for us.”

That said, LONE SURVIVOR is full of vulgar language and the violence is at times overwhelmingly blunt and gruesome. Though likely realistic of the actual battle that took place, the worst of the violence merely shocks the viewer and isn’t really necessary to convey the positive themes the filmmakers are trying to convey. Thus, extreme is advised for LONE SURVIVOR.

It is interesting that the MOVIEGUIDE(r) award winning movie ACT OF VALOR featured real military heroes playing all the characters, and they used very little foul language.

In Brief:

LONE SURVIVOR is an inspiring, gut-wrenching true story. A helicopter drops off four Navy Seals in the Afghanistan mountains to take out a notorious Taliban terrorist. They discover the number of armed men they’re up against is much larger than they originally thought. To make matters worse, they stumble across a goat herder and his two sons. At the risk of their own lives, the senior officer lets the men go and aborts the mission. However, the mountains block their communication with the home base. Can the men survive the Taliban onslaught before they can be rescued?

LONE SURVIVOR is expertly made and incredibly gripping. Mark Wahlberg as real life survivor Marcus Luttrell does a great job. The patriotism, courage, sacrifice, and perseverance the men show inspires a deep sense of admiration. The movie’s strong moral worldview includes references to God and Jesus. A soldier says God is looking out for them, and the men sing part of “Silent Night.” That said, LONE SURVIVOR contains many “f” words, and the war violence is blunt and sometimes gruesome; so, extreme caution is advised.