What You Need To Know:

THUMBELINA is the Hans Christian Andersen animated tale about a diminutive-sized girl who yearns for a husband--just her size. Most children will love this timeless moral fairy tale about hope and fidelity.


(B, O) Uplifting & moral movie with some fairy tale magic.

More Detail:

THUMBELINA takes one on a whimsical adventure with a thumb-sized girl searching for a boy her own height. Thumbelina blossoms in a magical flower given to her mother by a Gypsy. Thumbelina’s size limits her romantically until one day she meets a fairy prince, and they fall in love. The prince leaves, intending to come back, and the adventure begins when Thumbelina is kidnapped by a family of frogs. The family’s son, Grundel, is infatuated with Thumbelina. Thumbelina’s despair is noticed by a swallow named Jacquimo, and he helps her escape. On her journey, others fall in love with her and want to keep her as their own. The only thing that keeps Thumbelina going is the thought of finding her fairy prince. When she hears that her prince has died, Thumbelina almost marries wealthy Mr. Mole who promises her security. However, she is constrained by the love she has for her prince. In the end, Thumbelina and the prince are reunited, marry and live happily ever after.

This endearing fairy tale focuses on a beautiful young woman who desires to find the right companion. This desire points toward the Bride of Christ’s longing for the true Prince of Peace and the many false suitors who present themselves along life’s journey. Most children will love this timeless moral fairy tale about hope and fidelity. The music, in particular, is outstanding.

Quality: - Content: +2
Quality: - Content: +1