"A Chick Flick for the Geriatric Set"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

BOOK CLUB stars several veteran, acclaimed actresses as four older women living in Los Angeles. Diane, Vivian, Sharon, and Carol have been meeting together in a Book Club for decades. However, when they read a notorious, lewd romance novel, it turns their world upside down. Diane is a widow with two daughters with families in Arizona. Vivian, a successful businesswoman who’s never gotten married, sleeps with different men and refuses to uncommit. Sharon, a federal judge divorced for 18 years, doesn’t have much interest in having another relationship. Finally, Carol feels the spark has gone from her own marriage.

BOOK CLUB is a cheesy movie that sometimes seems a bit low budget, but it’s ultimately entertaining. For instance, it has some well-earned laughs. BOOK CLUB is the epitome of a romance movie, a chick flick for the geriatric set. BOOK CLUB stresses the need for loving commitment in a relationship, but it has a light Romantic worldview promoting following your heart. Also, it inserts some unnecessary sexual innuendos and commentary, plus some gratuitous foul language. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for BOOK CLUB.


(Ro, B, C, LL, S, AA, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Light Romantic worldview of following your heart, but some characters realize commitment and real love are best;

Foul Language:
Four light profanities, four uses of Jesus’ name in vain, and six obscenities, including one “f” word;

No violence;

Implied sex, multiple sexual innuendos, one-character puts Viagra into her husband’s drink, so he’s aroused in public, and mentions of “spanking” during sex;


Alcohol Use:
Drinking and drunkenness;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drug use; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Women let themselves be influenced by a notorious romance novel, and a woman puts some Viagra into her husband’s drink without him knowing it.

More Detail:

BOOK CLUB stars several veteran, acclaimed actresses as four older women who have been in a Book Club together for decades, but when they read 50 SHADES OF GREY, it turns their world upside down. BOOK CLUB is an entertaining chick flick for the geriatric set and is laced with sexual innuendos, so extreme caution is advised, but it has some underlying positive, redemptive elements promoting love and commitment.

Diane has two daughters who now have their own families. After her husband died a year ago, she’s been relying on her friends for companionship. Her daughters are begging her to move from Los Angeles to Arizona to be closer to them, but Diane is too connected to the Book Club that she and her friends started years ago.

Also in the book club, is a successful businesswoman, Vivian, who has never gotten married, but instead sleeps with different men with no commitment. Another member of the book club is Sharon, a federal judge. Sharon had been married for years, but it led to a divorce about 18 years ago. Because of this, she doesn’t have much interest in getting back into a relationship. The last Book Club member is Carol, who’s been happily married for years, but now feels the spark is off.

When Vivian suggests everyone read the notorious romance novel 50 SHADES OF GREY, the group says they have no interest in it. However, Vivian says it’s her month to make the decision, and they all must read it. Once they start reading the book, the four women start to reevaluate their own sex lives.

After Sharon sees that her ex husband is now engaged again, she decides to go on a dating website to find someone. At the same time, Vivian runs into an old flame she had 40 years ago, Arthur. Arthur is charming and decides to really pursue Vivian. Realizing she could have real feelings for Arthur, Vivian pushes him away, but she could be losing the only man she ever really loved.

Meanwhile, Carol is hoping she can put back the fire into her marriage, especially after reading the book. Signing up her and her husband for dance classes, she takes the first step to getting physically close again, but her husband isn’t exactly comfortable with this.

Diane may be the one most inspired by the book. After she meets a pilot named Mitchell, she runs away to have a romantic weekend with him. However, when her daughters find out she’s been spending time with Mitchell, Diane realizes she has responsibilities and has to end the relationship. Will she deny Mitchell and lose her happy ending?

BOOK CLUB is the epitome of a romance movie but inserts some unnecessary sexual innuendos and commentary. Though this is the case, the movie stresses being committed in a relationship. The movie would have been better if it had left out much, if not all, of the unnecessary sexual commentary and cursing.

BOOK CLUB is a cheesy movie that seems a bit low budget, but it’s ultimately entertaining. One element making BOOK CLUB seem low budget is the lighting. Many times, the characters are over lit, and it looks as if they’re in front of a green screen.

Overall, however, BOOK CLUB is entertaining. Many viewers at the press screening MOVIEGUIDE® attended were laughing at all the right spots. That said, we advise extreme caution for BOOK CLUB.