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What You Need To Know:

CONDORITO: THE MOVIE is an animated fantasy from Peru based on a widely popular Chilean comic strip. The movie is about an unlikely “birdbrain” hero, a talking condor bird named Condorito. An evil alien king abducts his girlfriend’s mother, to force Condorito to find and retrieve a stolen necklace that can control people’s minds. Overcoming many obstacles on Earth, Condorito and his friends retrieve the necklace and give it to the king, but the king plans to use it to take over the galaxy. Condorito must now team up with an alien invasion division to venture into space and save mankind.

CONDORITO: THE MOVIE is a witty, action-packed adventure with fantasy and science fiction themes. Though geared toward Spanish-speaking viewers, CONDORITO can be enjoyed by a wide audience. The humor sometimes is a bit advanced for children. There are a few suggestive jokes, some toilet humor and an abhorrent situation where Condorito is able to converse with some dead ancestors guarding the necklace. However, the movie has a strong Christian, moral worldview promoting repentance, self-sacrifice and love. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for children.


(CC, BB, ACAC, Ab, O, Pa, L, V, N, AA, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong Christian, moral worldview promotes repentance and self-sacrifice plus the title character, a talking condo bird, learns how to not be selfish and that a true hero is one who sacrifices himself for other people, with the villain being an evil king who wants to take control of the galaxy, but there is some objectionable content and some occult, spiritist elements where the title character’s dead ancestors in an implied pagan temple shaped like a pyramid are protecting a powerful alien necklace from evil aliens in one scene and he’s able to communicate with his great, great grandfather pictured as a skeleton in two scenes;

Foul Language:
Two or three “h” words, no profanities, some scatological humor such as a character is asked if he peed in his pants or threw up, plus some brief suggestive humor and innuendoes such as an alien resembles an octopus and when a man is grabbing his tentacles to “dissect” him, the alien winces and says “that one isn’t a tentacle,” and some name calling (e.g., nitwit, fool, donkey butt, bimbos);

A few action scenes, some with space gun fire, but no blood or anything graphic;

No actual sexual behavior, but some innuendo such as a side character makes a suggestive joke about being with his girlfriend and some female characters are objectified (such as references and innuendoes about “sexy” women and the joys of being a bachelor), plus title character kisses his girlfriend;

Some female cleavage and a brief moment when alien stands up out of a hot tub and turns around to reveal he’s wearing a thong-type of speedo swimsuit and viewers can his rear end;

Alcohol Use:
People have wine on a plane and soccer players associated with the title character are shown multiple times in a bar having beers, with one player consistently appearing intoxicated;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drug use (original 1949 comic strip had characters with cigarettes dangling from their lips but that was cleaned up);

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Title character begins as very disrespectful to his girlfriend’s mother, and the story has elements of kidnapping, blackmail and stealing.

More Detail:

CONDORITO: THE MOVIE is a Latin American animated fantasy from Peru that takes the audience on an action-packed adventure across the galaxy.

Condorito, a talking condor, wants nothing more than to marry the love of his life, Yayita. However, her mother thinks he’s an utter failure and refuses to allow them to be married.

One night, while with his nephew Coné, they receive a strange message that’s transmitted through an electronic tablet. The creature on the other side tells Condorito he’s been searching for him and demands he retrieve a necklace taken by Condorito’s ancestors long ago. The alien tells him he will grant him a favor if he agrees to do so.

Thinking this alien is nothing more than a telemarketing call, Condorito jokingly requests for Yayita’s mother to disappear. Later that evening, at her birthday party, Yayita’s mother, Tremebunda (“Treme”), is abducted by aliens, and the alien leader tells them that, if they ever want to see her again, Condorito must retrieve this necklace and hand it over, or else.

Determined to return to the good graces of his girlfriend, Yayita, Condorito and his nephew Coné set out to travel far from their hometown to find this necklace, and get his girlfriend’s mother back from the alien, who turns out to be an evil king. They encounter many roadblocks along the way, but manage to arrive at a temple where his ancestors hid the necklace from the aliens long ago. Just in the nick of time, Condorito and Coné grab the necklace, which turns out to have unlimited power. They soon figure out that the power enables the wearer of the necklace to control people’s minds.

Coné begins to read the hieroglyphics on the temple wall and realizes the alien king is going to use the necklace to take over all the planets in the galaxy, including Earth. Desperate to get Yayita’s mother back, Condorito foolishly gives the necklace to the alien king anyway, who doesn’t return Yayita’s mother as he promised.

Now, Condorito must team up with the government alien invasion department to head out to space, rescue his girlfriend and her mother, get the necklace back, and save the galaxy.

CONDORITO: THE MOVIE is based on a beloved comic strip character in Chile created by Rene Pepo Rios back in 1949. This comic strip became one of the most well-known Spanish-speaking strips throughout all of Latin America and continues to grow in the United States as well. Although this movie will appeal mainly to lovers of the comic strip, it can easily be enjoyed by anyone who is unfamiliar with it, as well as viewers who don’t speak Spanish. The humor is a bit mature for pre-adolescent children, but this witty, exciting adventure is sure to keep any other age level entertained. The name Condorito, of course, translates into English as “Little Condor.”

CONDORITO: THE MOVIE has a strong Christian, moral worldview. Condorito must learn to put aside his selfishness. Also, the lessons he learns revolve around sacrificing oneself for a greater love. Good overcomes evil, and the hero emerges victorious. However, there are some occult elements mixed into the story. For example, Condorito’s ancestors are protecting the powerful necklace and come back from the dead to defend it in one scene. In the scene, Condorito is able to converse with his great, great grandfather. The movie also has some other questionable content, such as a few examples of drunkenness, some light obscenities, some name calling, and brief suggestive humor and innuendo. CONDORITO: THE MOVIE requires extreme caution.

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