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What You Need To Know:

DAZED AND CONFUSED is a title equally appropriate for the anti-social adolescents who populate this appalling film and the irresponsible adults who created it. Tracking a group of San Antonio teenagers through the last day (and night) of school, this movie smugly portrays non-stop dope smoking, beer guzzling, verbal sexual abuse, hazing, and property destruction. All adults are portrayed as fools, and all values are mocked.


(H, LLL, SS, VV, A/D, Ab) Humanism; over 120 obscenities & 23 profanities; continuous drug use (primarily marijuana) & non-stop beer drinking; extremely crude & frequently abusive sexual language; brutal hazing; property destruction; all adult figures--parents, teachers & coaches--portrayed as fools or petty tyrants; and, all values--including education, drug-free living, & sexual morality--continually & relentlessly mocked.

More Detail:

No movie in recent memory has as aptly summarized its own content as the phrase DAZED AND CONFUSED. Yet, these adjectives barely scratch the surface of the behavior presented for 97 excruciating minutes in this appalling film. The movie, set in San Antonio, recalls the last day of school for several teenagers in 1976. With virtually no exception, the people in this film continually smoke dope, guzzle beer, insult one another, and mock anything of value: education is stupid and worthless, and adults are idiots or tyrants. Life is an endless pursuit of the next beer bust, the next high, the next meaningless sexual encounter, and the next rock concert. Nothing else matters. There are no consequences, no cautionary plot turns, not even a hint of irony. It’s party time, dudes, and there’s no tomorrow.

When all is said and done, it is hard to know who is more irresponsible: Director Linklater and his film crew, or Gramercy Pictures. They have already taken heat from the MPAA for controversial advertising copy, but that organization didn’t press the issue. We have suffered enough tragedy in this country from the fallout of rampant drug use, teenage alcoholism and anti-social attitudes. That a major film corporation would release a film celebrating these malignant behaviors is unconscionable and worthy of some serious flak from the general public.