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What You Need To Know:

GEORGIA is the story of two sisters: Georgia, a successful singer with a loving family; and, Sadie, always drunk and adrift. Sadie relentlessly tries to achieve her sister's famed singer status. The moral fiber of the film is strong, stressing family loyalties and love. It is marred by drinking, smoking, fornication, and drug-abuse. With excellent performances by the overall cast, GEORGIA is both redeeming, riveting and raw.


(B, LLL, SS, NN, A, S, M) Moral worldview validating family ties and love; 38 obscenities & 7 profanities; 1 sex scene & 1 reference to sexual activity; 1 brief scene of full female nudity; alcohol use and abuse; drug use; and, smoking

More Detail:

Once again, Jennifer Jason Leigh stuns and rivets with her performance as Sadie in the film GEORGIA. The story is simple, but fraught with the human drama played out in troubled families. Georgia, played by Mare Winningham, is a popular singer, rooted in her loving family. Sadie, her sister, is constantly adrift and drunk, looking for the fame that comes so easily to her Georgia. When things go wrong, Georgia is there, but her tolerance and patience are stretched. Sadie, with her raw-edged personality, mascara-laden eyes and bloody tattoos is always on the brink of her abyss. Everyone tries to help her, but to no avail in this bittersweet tale.

The film is gripping in its interplay of deep-seated emotions between the two sisters. Even though the film is named after GEORGIA, the story is Sadie’s. Jennifer Jason Leigh’s portrayal of the painfully lost Sadie is another testimony of her incredible talent. Both Ms. Leigh and Ms. Winningham sing in this film. Music and script blend in telling the story. Though the movie GEORGIA has excessive foul language and a sexual scene involving nudity, the film does have a moral fiber as it elevates family loyalty and love as ultimate virtues.