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What You Need To Know:


Promiscuity, lesbianism and sexual situations; and, obscenity.

More Detail:

Chris Wooden, a serious would-be writer, arrives at UCLA ready to buckle down and systematically achieve his literary goals. For Chris, an uptight guy interested in getting in touch with “real life”, college is an exciting place. The atmosphere is filled with unexpected characters from lesbian lovers to a psychology major in love with a mannequin.

The real surprise, however, is discovering that the housing computer has boarded him with a female roommate, Alex. Opposites in gender, they’re opposites in life styles as well. Alex is a free-spirit as dedicated to exercising her fickle and changeable tastes as Chris is to treading the straight and narrow. Consequently, Chris has no choice, but to find a new roommate.

However, while the new roommate arrangement is bogged down in red tape, Chris receives another devastating blow: he really isn’t the writer he thought himself to be. His creative writing grades are dismal. Why? His professor explains that he is too uptight and passionless.

Alex, who has been bringing men back to their room at night, helps Chris resolve his dilemma by sleeping with him. The film thus fails immeasurably on the biblical-wisdom scale, as it fails to give any serious consideration of contemporary college life other than the students’ principal preoccupation with partying and sleeping with each other.

Worse it teaches immorality as the way to creativity and happiness. In fact, considering the rampant increase in sexual diseases and the disintegration of the family (which is the basic building block of society), sexual immorality is the way of death. Thus, HAPPY TOGETHER is merely a propaganda piece from Hell.

HAPPY TOGETHER, originally released in 1988, went straight to the video store, and is only now just rolling into theaters. Either place, be sure to avoid it.