"Obscene Propaganda Drama"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

I CARRY YOU WITH ME is a realistic biographical drama from Mexico. Based on a true story and told in flashback, the story follows a young homosexual man named Iván living in Puebla, Mexico. Iván falls for a handsome young teacher named Gerardo, who comes from a rich family that owns a cattle ranch. When the mother of Iván’s child finds out about the affair, she cuts off all contact between Iván and his son. Iván decides to cross the border illegally to pursue his dreams in New York City. Will Gerardo follow Iván there? Will Iván become a successful chef? Will Iván ever see his son again?

I CARRY YOU WITH ME is well acted, with some dramatic moments and a good musical score. However, the movie’s story unfolds too slowly most of the time. The movie’s multiple flashbacks within a flashback don’t help. I CARRY YOU WITH ME also has a strong Romantic, politically correct worldview promoting homosexual sin and illegal immigration, with many gratuitous “f” words. Media-wise views will want to avoid this abhorrent, obscene, politically correct, slow-moving movie.


(RoRoRo, HoHoHo, PCPC, CC, B, FRFR, CapCap, LLL, V, SS, NNN, AA, D, M)

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong Romantic worldview based on a true story about a young homosexual man in Mexico who dreams of becoming a chef and who leaves his homosexual lover and his young son behind to pursue his dreams in New York City, with very strong homosexual content and strong politically correct content promoting acceptance of homosexual sin and promoting and defending illegal immigration, with some overt Christian elements (including one or two scenes in a Catholic church with Christian symbols, and woman makes the sign of the cross in front of a Jesus statue), some moral elements supporting family and kindness, but there’s some false antinomian,

Foul Language:
34 obscenities (well more than half are “f” words), one Jesus profanity and one or two light profanities

Angry father lightly strikes his young son with his belt after he hears reports that his son is acting like a girl, another father lightly pushes his son’s head when he finds the boy wearing a yellow dress and makeup with a girl who happens to be his friend (the second father is seen in a better light), and some men in Mexico rough up a young drunken homosexual man and his friend

Scenes of two young men kissing passionately, including one scene of them apparently in a shower kissing (shown from the shoulders up), two scenes of implied homosexual sex, cross dressing, a drag queen lip syncs to a romantic Spanish song in a homosexual club, men dance at a homosexual bar, two men hold hands in two or more scenes

Obscured full frontal male nudity when young man puts his clothes back on after a homosexual rendezvous, plus images of upper male nudity in several scenes

Alcohol Use:
Some alcohol use in multiple scenes, and a man in Mexico is drunk on the streets because his homosexual lover has illegally crossed the border and now resides in New York City

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Brief smoking but no drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Some lying and bullying.

More Detail:

I CARRY YOU WITH ME is a realistic biographical drama from Mexico about a young man who leaves his home in Puebla, Mexico to pursue his dreams of being a chef in New York City, but he crosses the border illegally and leaves behind his homosexual lover and his son, who’s being taken care of by the man’s ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. Based on a true story, I CARRY YOU WITH ME is well acted, but it moves rather slowly and has a strong Romantic, politically correct worldview promoting homosexual sin and illegal immigration with many gratuitous “f” words in the dialogue.

The movie opens by introducing the young man, Iván, who’s slaving away as a low-paid dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant in Puebla, Mexico. Iván gives what little money he can afford to his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend (it’s not clear), Paola, who takes care of their young son. Iván is homosexual, but he hasn’t revealed that to Paola, for fear she won’t let him see his son again. Having attended a culinary school, Iván longs to become a chef, but his boss has a nephew who wants to start work at the restaurant. So, it looks like Iván will have to wait even longer to become a chef.

One evening, Iván takes his childhood friend, Sandra, to a homosexual bar. Although she’s more Catholic than Iván, Sandra encourages her friend’s lifestyle. In fact, one time, when they were children, Iván’s father caught Iván wearing a yellow dress and makeup while Sandra helped. At the bar, Iván meets a handsome young man named Gerardo. Gerardo is a beginning university teacher and comes from a wealthy family that owns a cattle ranch.

It becomes clear that Iván and Gerardo believe they’ve met the guy of their dreams. Eventually, however, Paola finds out about the affair and severs all ties between Iván and his son.

Iván and Sandra decide to illegally cross the border to pursue their dreams in America. Will they succeed making the dangerous trek, especially Sandra, who’s overweight? Will Gerardo decide to leave his comfortable life in Mexico behind to be with Iván? Will Iván become a successful chef? Will Iván ever see his son again?

Released by a major boutique studio based in New York and Hollywood, I CARRY YOU WITH ME is based on a true story. In fact, in the movie’s third act, which takes place in New York, the real Iván and the real Gerardo play themselves, 20 years after Iván illegally crossed the border. Also, the whole movie is portrayed from the perspective of the real Iván looking back on his life. There are also two or more scenes of Gerardo as a young boy. One of the scenes shows Gerardo’s father being extremely upset with him for acting like a girl. The movie also contains several scenes and incidents from Iván’s life as a young boy and as a young teenager.

I CARRY YOU WITH ME is well-acted, with a nice score. However, it is a slice-of-life movie that moves rather slowly. In fact, some of the flashbacks are jumbled and out-of-order, which makes the film move even more slowly. That said, there are some dramatic, emotional moments. One of the best is the harrowing journey across the border, which involves Iván’s overweight friend, Sandra, having trouble walking across the wilderness close to the border. At one point, Iván almost leaves her, because she gets so sick.

Otherwise, however, I CARRY YOU WITH ME is pretty much a propaganda movie. Despite some strong pro-capitalist content, it has a strong Romantic worldview with strong politically correct content promoting acceptance of homosexual sin and promoting illegal immigration. Thus, there are politically correct scenes with Iván and Gerardo passionately kissing, scenes involving cross dressing and scenes with Iván or Gerardo being bullied by their fathers or other people. The movie also promotes illegal immigration and tries to create sympathy for illegal immigrants from Mexico who can’t return there to see their families living in Mexico. For example, toward the end of the movie, Iván would like to go to Mexico to visit his son, but the U.S. government refuses to give him a visa so he can return to America, even though he owns two or more Mexican restaurants employing many people. Also, in one scene, the Spanish-speaking priest at the Catholic church in New York City that Iván and Gerardo attend gives a little shout out and prayer to “our illegal immigrant brothers and sisters.” During this speech, the priest strongly implies that any objection to illegal immigration is “racist.” Though it does appear that the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy in the United States and at the Vatican sees nothing wrong with breaking immigration laws in the United States, aren’t illegal immigrants in reality trying to cheat the system? To argue in favor of relaxing immigration laws and regulation in the United States is a valid, though perhaps controversial, position to take, but to support cheating and lawbreaking doesn’t seem like a good idea, much less a biblical one. Breaking immigration laws is like breaking and entering someone else’s home.

In addition to its lewd, anti-biblical, sinful homosexual content, I CARRY YOU WITH ME also has at least 34 obscenities, most of which are “f” words. All in all, therefore, I CARRY YOU

WITH ME has excessive and ultimately abhorrent content, with a very strong Non-Christian, anti-biblical worldview.