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What You Need To Know:

In IF LUCY FELL, Lucy played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Joe played by Eric Schaeffer are two best friends who have vowed to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge on Lucy's thirtieth birthday if she hasn't fallen in love by then. This everyday life of a Generation X-er is full of humorous moments as it depicts the game of love. Regrettably, the movie includes some foul language and some sexual situations.

More Detail:

IF LUCY FELL, starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Lucy and Eric Schaeffer as Joe, is about the pain if love is not obtained. Lucy is ready to die rather than face her thirtieth birthday alone, and Joe has promised to jump with her off the Brooklyn bridge on death pact day. The scheduled jump can only be stopped if Lucy has fallen in love. Lucy has to go out with anyone who asks her. Eventually, Joe and Lucy are let down by their romantic prospects. For Joe, the reality of his fantasy girl is less intriguing than his fantasy. Lucy is also enlightened when the guy she is seeing doesn’t pass her “hug test.” So, death pact day upon them, they meet at the Brooklyn Bridge.

The New York City location gives IF LUCY FELL a convincing sense of gritty realism contrasted with romantic love. The quirkiness of the movie’s premise creates the humor and appeal. One never knows what comment will be coming from an actors as they react in frustration to the game of love. Lucy and Joe continue their search and begin to realize what each other really desires in a relationship. A line from a crass man who softens, sums up the theme: “The girl in you heart isn’t the girl in your dreams!” Indeed, fantasies and idols are vain images, and true love can often be found in the most unlikely of circumstances.