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What You Need To Know:

JADE is the name of a character who has multiple sex partners with the friends of a murder victim. It is also a movie that demonstrates that all men and women are sinful, but it fails to show that the wages of sin are death. We are exposed to vivid scenes of brutality, heart pounding chases, and raw pornography. This is not a movie that has a moral punch. It is a movie that tells you that you can get away with murder and perversity.


(NA, LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, M) Pagan worldview; 37 obscenities & 9 profanities; extreme violence including off-camera hatcheting, grotesque views of dead bodies, murder by automobile which turns around to run over the victim's head again, beatings, strangulation, attacks with various weapons, & shootings; extreme sex with perversion shown on video and on photographs as well as in live-action, including adultery, fornication, cunnilingus, & fellatio; full female nudity & nude corpses; positive catholic church scene; and, lying, deceit, & deception

More Detail:

JADE demonstrates that all men are sinful, but fails to show that the wages of sin are death. The movie opens with a slow camera pan through an opulent home while the sound reveals that someone is being murdered. At a ball, Matt and Trina Gavin and assistant district attorney David Corelli are debating their affairs when David gets a call that a wealthy San Francisco patron, Kyle Medford, has been murdered. Detective work reveals that Medford had a sex hideaway which he used to blackmail the rich and the powerful, and Trina, posing as Jade, was a much sought at his hideaway. The governor’s men come after Trina to cover up the govenor’s participation, but they are stopped dead in their tracks. However, the last scene reveals, that it was Matt who killed Medford when he discovered Trina’s exploits.

The movie are exposes the audience to vivid scenes of brutality and raw pornography with Jade in every position imaginable. While the direction is flawless and the acting rings true, one must wonder why anyone would allow themselves to participate in such scenes. This is not a movie that has a moral punch, it is a movie that tells you that you can get away with murder and perversity. It is not a message that anyone needs to hear.

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