What You Need To Know:

A provocative story, JUST A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX examines a young married couple that faces a serious break-up when the husband is caught committing adultery with a prostitute. The dialogue is witty at times, but an excess of obscenities and sometimes graphic sexual talk used throughout is not necessary. JUST A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX explores some significant issues and depicts the negative consequences of infidelity.


Ultimately moral worldview of sexual relationships with romantic elements; 53 obscenities, 5 profanities & lots of slang describing sex; one scene where two men fight each other; implied oral sex between a married man & a prostitute & implied sex between a man & his ex-wife; no nudity; alcohol use; and, adultery.

More Detail:

A provocative story, which speaks candidly about men and women’s attitudes toward sex, JUST A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX, raises some significant issues.

A young married couple faces a serious break-up when Laura (Alison Eastwood) learns of her husband Alan’s (Robert Mailhouse) infidelity with a prostitute. The story deals with this issue through Laura’s conversations with her best friends, Allie and Terri, and simultaneously with Alan’s conversations with his best friends, Dan and Mark. This creative approach emphasizes the differences in men and women’s thoughts and beliefs about monogamous sex.

The women get together and comfort themselves by drinking too many margaritas before going out to a popular nightspot. The men do likewise as they share their philosophies about the biological differences between men and women. Dan explains that men cannot help wanting to have sexual relations with other women besides their partners because of their physiological make-up (not a claim backed up by science). Dan uses the analogy of loving chocolate mousse as his favorite dessert but that having it every night becomes boring. The men desperately try to convince themselves of the validity of these beliefs. Meanwhile, Alan realizes what he is losing and wants to get back Laura.

Acting performances rank sharp, aided by fine casting. Lauren Hutton shines as Laura’s stunning, modern mother. The dialogue is witty at times, but an excess of obscenities and graphic sexual talk used throughout is not necessary.

JUST A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX explores some significant issues prevalent in relationships of the 1990s. It specifically focuses on the different views that men and women take on monogamous sex and how these affect marriage and commitment. It is refreshing that the negative consequences of infidelity are depicted, and that, in the end, both men and women desire one intimate partner in their life. However, the need to avoid temptation is a constant struggle, but it is shown in the story as worth the effort.

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