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"Love Finds You When Least Expected"


What You Need To Know:

In LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE, young law student Kennedy Blaine inherits a small town ranch in rural Valentine, Nebraska when her parents suddenly die in a car accident. While making plans to sell the ranch for a lofty profit, she finds herself drawn to the ranch and Derek, the cute ranch hand working on the property. After she decides to spend the summer there, she’s threatened by an unsound man. Determined to know the truth, Kennedy finds out the cute rancher she has fallen for has a dark past. Is she willing to forgive the rancher and choose love or go back to the life she knows in Los Angeles?

LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE is the third movie in a franchise telecast by UP TV. It’s a sweet, optimistic story demonstrating love, loyalty, forgiveness, and faith. Thus, the movie has a strong Christian, moral worldview that’s inspiring. The story is a little predictable, and the dialogue seems a bit strained. However, LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE is a good, entertaining, uplifting movie that families with older children can enjoy together.


(CCC, BBB, CapCap, V, MM) Very strong Christian, moral worldview where protagonist demonstrates compassion, love and understanding toward a hostile grandfather and appreciation for a small town life far different from her own life in Los Angeles, protagonist rebukes evil, greed and wrongful business practices, families attend church and pray together, protagonist forgives grandfather after she sees him in church, image of a cross, hymns, image of the Bible, priest shown at funeral, forgiveness extolled, woman prays at parents’ grave, plus some strong capitalist content regarding running a ranch and being a good businessperson; no foul language; light violence includes two men punch each other, man kidnaps woman and ties her up, woman kicks man and throws him on the ground, man holds woman hostage with a gun; no sexual immorality but two short scenes show woman and man romantically kissing each other; no nudity; no alcohol or drunkenness displayed; no smoking or drug use; and, strong miscellaneous immortality including kidnapping, lying, greed, revenge, blackmail, and theft.

More Detail:

LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE is a romance about two unlikely people, a ranch hand and a city girl, who fall in love but encounter trouble when a villain appears seeking revenge against the rancher.

Perfectly put-together law student Kennedy Blaine (Michaela McManus) seems to have it all: A good family, lots of money and a great home in Los Angeles, but when her parents accidentally die in a car wreck, her world comes crashing down. With her parents gone, Kennedy becomes the soul owner of all their assets, including their ranch home where they grew up in Valentine, Nebraska.

Kennedy travels to Valentine to sell the ranch, but after one look at the beautiful home, the peaceful countryside and the cute ranch hand, Derek Sterling (Diogo Morgado), she decides to stay on the ranch for the rest of the summer. Kennedy also decides to reconnect with her family members, take time for herself and learn more about this good-looking ranch hand. Kennedy falls in love with the ranch and the simple town lifestyle, far different from her fast-paced, posh life in the big city.

When her old law student friend travels to the ranch to profess his love and concern for her being in the country, she realizes how much she loves it in Nebraska. After she turns her male friend down, she knows in her heart she’s fallen for Derek too.

Kennedy and Derek begin spending every day with each other. They ride horses, go to church and help lead an overnight camp for inner-city youth. Kennedy has found true happiness being in what some call “God’s country,” but there are dark secrets that begin to unravel. Kennedy discovers her grandfather became estranged from her mother when her mother married her father. She also discovers a greedy businessman has been stealing money from her family’s farm. Even worse, an unusual man has begun to threaten her life. One night, alone in the ranch home, the man kidnaps Kennedy and holds her hostage in the barn. The man calls Derek and threatens to end her life in front of him.

Can Derek help Kennedy escape from the kidnapper? Can Kennedy help herself? Will Kennedy reconcile with her grandfather? Will Kennedy and Derek end up together?

LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE is a sweet, love story with a happy ending. The theme of forgiveness is demonstrated repeatedly throughout the movie. After Kennedy finds out Derek lied to her and her own grandfather disowned her mother, she’s angry and hurt. She is upset she has been deceived, but after she sees her Grandfather and Derek in church, she realizes, if God forgives them, she should too. Kennedy has her own faults, where some could say she is more concerned with her image and becoming a top notch, wealthy lawyer than her relationship with God. Eventually, Kennedy learns life is short, and it’s better to be with someone you love doing God’s work serving others, than living alone and simply wanting society’s approval. Kennedy

All in all, therefore, LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE displays a strong Christian, moral worldview with an inspiring story. It’s a good, entertaining movie for families with older children to enjoy together.