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What You Need To Know:

MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS is a big-hanky movie that will remind us that our lives are important and can positively affect many people, even if we believe otherwise. Covering 30 years, it shows the trials of high school music teacher Mr. Holland. Containing no sex, nudity, or violence, and very little foul language, it is a heartwarming story for the whole family.


(B, L, A, D, M) Moral worldview extolling love of family, marital fidelity & self-sacrifice; 4 mild obscenities & 3 "Oh God's"; alcohol use; smoking; and, student attempts to seduce teacher & brief image of two male students holding hands

More Detail:

MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS is a big-hanky movie that will remind us that our lives are important and can positively affect many people. Richard Dreyfuss plays Mr. Holland. In 1965, he is a young composer looking for fame and fortune, but he takes a job as a high school music teacher. He is awkward and scared, but students take a liking to him. His first challenge is convincing a girl that she can play the clarinet. Meanwhile, his wife announces her pregnancy. They name their son, Cole, after Cole Porter, but they soon discover he is nearly 100% deaf. Mr. Holland faces other challenges including balancing career with family. The film climaxes as Mr. Holland gets cut-out of the school budget. He fights a loosing battle with the school board, yet is rewarded by a room full of his students both past and present who throw a celebration in his honor.

Anyone with a heart will be moved by the unfolding story of Mr. Holland. It elevates the value of human lives, perseverance, love of family, self-sacrifice, and marital fidelity. It shows us how one person can have an impact in the lives of many over one lifetime. In today’s cynical times, this film may be panned off as saccharine, but love and kindness never go out of style, and this film has fashioned these elements into a very powerful story.