(H, LLL, V, S, NN, A, Ho, M) Humanism; 22 obscenities, 3 profanities, & constant use of crude, sexual slang & sexual innuendo; slapstick violence; promiscuity treated as normal & numerous references to various sex acts & private body parts; rear male nudity & nearly nude female mud wrestling; alcohol abuse; lesbian relationship, lesbian kissing & man dressed in drag; and, man falls into dung heap & is urinated upon by a cow.

More Detail:

Clean-cut Rebecca Warner (Carla Gugino) leaves her South Dakota home for college in southern California only to return for Thanksgiving as a grunge-queen with orange hair and a potential party-boy boyfriend named Crawl (Pauly Shore), in the mostly offensive and minimally humorous movie SON-IN-LAW (sort of a GUESS WHO’S COMING TO THANKSGIVING DINNER VIA AN MTV BEACH PARTY). Crawl befriends Rebecca when home-sickness develops. Of course, the constant dorm-partying and a lesbian roommate have absolutely nothing to do with her desire to dump school and go back home. However, Crawl talks her out of leaving, takes her under his wing and transforms her into a Cali-babe, complete with new lingo and a cute tattoo.

Unfortunately, what little humor exists is saturated with constant sexual innuendo and references to male and female anatomical attributes. A hedonistic lifestyle is portrayed as favorable to that of a small, mid-western town where the residents are all “in-breeders.” The filming is technically decent, and the acting is adequate. However, with only about 90 seconds of laughable humor out of 92 minutes of film, SON-IN LAW succeeds only in sending the message that to live is to party, to be different is to be offensive, to be free is to be immoral, and women exist solely as objects of sexual interest for men.

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