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What You Need To Know:

In THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOUR DEAD, Jimmy the Saint is a reformed gangster called upon by his old boss to do a job. In return for some big money, he accepts, gathers together his old buddies and proceeds. Engrossing and entertaining, the film resorts to violence to resolve all problems and is marked with numerous graphic violent scenes and non-stop obscenities, vulgarities and profanities.


(H, LLL, VVV, S, D, M) Humanist worldview where power and money rule; 123 obscenities, 50 vulgarities, 11 profanities, & descriptions of gross acts such as the eating of feces; extreme graphic violence -- homeless man is brutally kicked, man using dead body as punching bag, hoods impersonating as policemen beat up & stab young man & shoot girl, beatings in alley, violent confrontation with abusive man at his office, several mafia executions that include shoot-outs & bloody scenes of dead bodies, man beaten up by mafia boss's henchmen & made to beg, physical abuse, stabbing of man in car, & implied shooting execution of man; several implied sexual situations & a brief video clip of a sex act; elements of murder, brutality, revenge associated with gangsterism, prostitution, implied sexual liaisons, unwed pregnancy; substance abuse & smoking; and, man urinating into container

More Detail:

When your old boss is a criminal kingpin who calls you to do him a favor despite your mended ways, you do not refuse. So starts the story of Jimmy the Saint in the movie THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD. Jimmy (Andy Garcia) is asked by mob boss, The Man with the Plan to do a small job for him in return for some big cash. Jimmy rounds up his cronies and proceeds. Things go wrong and the death sentence is passed onto the crew but not on Jimmy, who is told he will be spared if he leaves Denver in 48 hours. However, Jimmy tries to save his friends before he saves his life. He has also fallen in love with a beautiful woman and must decide to do about her. At the same time, he is also trying to reform a street prostitute named Lucinda from her fallen ways.

The film is engrossing and entertaining, styled with a sense of sophistication and laced with sharp, quirky humor. Andy Garcia and Christopher Walken provide the pivotal points of interest with their powerful characterizations. There are many graphic scenes of violence and bloodshed. The message of the film is that violence and death are answers to solve life’s problems. There are non-stop obscenities, vulgarities and profanities, 184 in all, making THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD a film that is dead to the moral and spiritual issues of life.