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What You Need To Know:

TRUE ROMANCE is an intensely violent and morally offensive movie that has absolutely nothing to do with either TRUTH or ROMANCE. The film contains absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever and is overflowing with obscenities, profanities, racial slurs, bloody murders, merciless beatings, prostitution, fornication, nudity, substance abuse, and murder viewed as "romantic" by female lead character.


(H, LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, A/D, M) (NOTE: the reviewer left the screening early due to highly obscene and violent content. The amount of objectionable content listed here took place in the first 75 minutes.) 136 obscenities & 13 profanities, plus much crude language & numerous racial slurs; intense violence in form of 4 bloody murders, several merciless beatings, torture & a very large man violently beats a young woman--expounding on his enjoyment afterward; prostitution & graphic fornication; male & female nudity; alcohol use, drug use & drug selling; murder justified as "right thing" because the victim was drug-dealing pimp; and, murder viewed as "romantic" by female lead character.

More Detail:

Christian Slater continues to perform his usual tired, and rather poor, imitation of Jack Nicholson in his latest film, TRUE ROMANCE. Also starring Patricia Arquette, this film is an intensely violent and morally offensive piece of trash that has absolutely nothing to do with either TRUTH or ROMANCE. The film portrays a totally amoral worldview and contains absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever. Slater plays odd-ball loser Clarence Worley, an attendant in a music and comic book store who has an Elvis fixation and very low standards in social relationships. Arquette plays novice-prostitute Alabama Whitman, the typical Hollywood-cute, fun-to-be-with (yet emotionally vulnerable) street-hooker, having very little intelligence but holding to her own personal moral code. Sound familiar? The story is just as tired and overdone as the characters themselves, and equally as offensive.

TRUE ROMANCE is only adequately photographed, the acting is mediocre (Slater slurs and squints, while Arquette simply giggles and bounces) and the soundtrack is disappointing (featuring lousy covers of past-popular Rockabilly songs). The film is also totally predictable, totally offensive and not recommended for anyone short of an axe-murderer.