"Full of Heart and Spunk"

UGLYDOLLS Movie Review

UGLYDOLLS is an animated musical comedy about a little pink doll named Moxy who wants more than anything to go on the great big world and be owned and loved by a child.

Posted by Movieguide on Thursday, May 2, 2019


What You Need To Know:

UGLYDOLLS takes place in Uglyville, where the inhabitants are unusual, but happy. They wake up every morning singing their way through a joyous day. Although a pink doll, Moxy, can’t help but feel like there’s something more than the world where she lives and wants so badly to be loved by a child. Soon, she convinces her friends to leave Uglyville. They find themselves in the land of Perfection, where they are severely judged and bullied because of the way they look. Moxy and her friends have to discover for themselves that they are truly beautiful the way they are.

UGLYDOLLS is full of color, life and music. Voiced by Kelly Clarkson, Moxy is a lovable doll, adored from the very beginning. The message in UGLYDOLLS is very positive, promoting self-acceptance as well as acceptance and love of others. As a musical, the songs are catchy and do well to further the story in this fantasy world. There is little questionable content in this movie. UGLYDOLLS is full of heart and spunk, and is easily enjoyable as well as appropriate for all ages.


(BBB, C, Ro, O, N, V, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong moral worldview with redemptive elements, extolling being able to be yourself, loving yourself and others, celebrating the things that make you unique and special, and being compassionate and merciful rather than being judgmental in a bullying manner, a Romantic element where the dolls pursue their “own truth” without relying on God, and an minor occult element as the main character wants one of the wise dolls to read her tea leaves, but it’s part of a joke because she thinks she must “leave” because of the “tea leaves”

Foul Language:
No foul language

One scene where two dolls have a fight with a knitting needle, mostly little punches, etc.

No sexual content

Brief shot of the Coppertone girl in the famous photo where a dog pulls the bottom of her bathing suit

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Light miscellaneous content, multiple examples of bullying but rebuked, dolls are kidnapped a few times and taken back and forth from Uglyville to the Institute of Perfection, and one example of lying.

More Detail:

UGLYDOLLS is an animated musical comedy about a little pink doll named Moxy who wants more than anything to go on the great big world and be owned and loved by a child. UGLYDOLLS is full of heart and spunk, and is easily enjoyable as well as appropriate for all ages.

UGLYDOLLS takes place in the town of Uglyville, where the dolls there have unusual characteristics, but wake up every day singing joyously. Some of the dolls have one eye, or even five eyes, a flower coming out of their head, or funny teeth. They live in a colorful town and sing together and are kind and loving to each other. A little pink doll, Moxy, loves where she lives and all of her friends, but she can’t help but feel like there’s something more than their small, ugly world. She dreams of going to the great, big world where she can be loved by a child. However, the mayor of Uglyville, Mayor Ox, tells her there’s no such place, and she should just enjoy the town where they live.

One day, Moxy is talking to her friends about this dream and convinces them to venture out with her in search of another world. They find a dark passageway and soon find themselves in a strange new place. It’s called the Institute of Perfection, and all of the beautiful dolls there are in training to be perfect so that they can pass the gauntlet test, go through the portal to the real world, and be with a child forever. The appearance of the UglyDolls frightens the dolls in this world. The beautiful dolls tell them, in the form of a musical number, that they are too ugly to ever be loved by a child. The doll who’s singing this to them is named Lou, and he’s the “perfect” leader in this world, training all the other dolls how to be more like him. Moxy begs him to let her and her friends stay and learn how to pass the test so they can go on to the real world. He agrees, and they begin to train.

While training, they meet a doll named Mandy who feels like she doesn’t belong in Perfection because she has to wear glasses. She befriends the UglyDolls and tries to help them by giving them makeovers. Annoyed by the imperfections of the UglyDolls, Lou has Mayor Ox kidnapped and brought to the land of Perfection to tell Moxy and her friends an ugly truth.

Feeling rejected and unworthy, Moxy and her friends return back to Uglyville, and she puts an end to her dreams of ever being loved by a child. However, Mandy has come to the rescue. She encourages Moxy not to give up and tells her how much courage she has given her to be herself and wear her glasses. Filled with new motivation and self-assurance, Moxy returns to the Institute of Perfection determined to pass the gauntlet test no matter what it takes.

UGLYDOLLS centers on the encouraging message of being able to accept the unusual things about oneself and others. It teaches that no one is actually perfect, and that we should love the things that make us unique and special. This is all told with colorful musical numbers and characters that are immediately endearing. With mainly singers as the cast, this movie has made a positive and entertaining story out of what was once just a few dolls sitting on a toy store shelf. The humor is enjoyable for all ages, as well as the catchy songs. There is mainly a moral, redemptive worldview, as the characters are taught lessons about love, compassion and acceptance. Good triumphs over evil, and everyone in both towns learn something valuable. There is a very minor Occult element in one of the jokes of the story, some light violence and other miscellaneous content. UGLYDOLLS teaches positive moral lessons for children of all ages.

Quality: - Content: +2
Quality: - Content: +2