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What You Need To Know:

Visual Entertainment brings us the Visual Bible in movie form, starting with the Gospel of Matthew. MATTHEW is the first literal word-for-word audio/visual translation from the New International Version. Accurately played with warmth and joy, it is accessible, clear and entertaining.


(CCC, BBB) Christian presentation of a comprehensive, literal film translation of the Gospel of Matthew

More Detail:

The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword. Passed from generation to generation by various forms, it now comes to you on videotape. Visual Entertainment brings us the Visual Bible in movie form, starting with the Gospel of Matthew. Others have paraphrased the Bible for animation or produced dramatic movies and television programs based on the Bible, but the Visual Bible treats the Bible verbatim. The first in a series which will film the entire Bible, MATTHEW is well-made, clearest translations of the entire Gospel of Matthew.

Since the movie is a verbatim rendition of the Gospel, it doesn’t have the dramatic structure of a JESUS OF NAZARETH, which included a large amount of text written by screenwriters. Also, since MATTHEW is visualized, it may not be the way you imagined the scenes or characters in your own mind. Many movies have Jesus straight-faced and somber. Here, he is full of joy and life. Some may argue that Christ is too joyous, too earthly, too personal, but since the text is straight from the Bible, his portrayal is uncompromising and biblical. Furthermore, the Visual Bible is a well-made, worthwhile presentation of the Truth of the world of God, which desperately needs to be seen by everyone in the world.