One of the most engaging, entertaining American movies ever made. SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN is also probably the funniest musical comedy ever made, with lots of good music and great dancing from Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds. In the story, an egocentric actor named Don Lockwood meets a pretty young girl who bursts his bubble of conceit. Eventually, they fall in love, but their romance hits a roadbump when Don’s long-time female co-star, played hilariously by Jean Hagen, becomes jealous. Do NOT miss Donald O’Connor’s laugh-out-loud antics in the spectacular comic number “Make ‘Em Laugh.” You will never forgive yourself if you do! Finally, Gene Kelly’s title dance number is one of the most glorious, iconic moments in all of cinema. If you aren’t smiling and singing at the end of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, check your pulse.

In Brief: