Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

SOLO is a robotic killing machine who, like the Tin Woodsman in THE WIZARD OF OZ, is seeking a heart. Regrettably, the audience has to endure gross carnage throughout Solo's quest. Certain biblical and moral elements are not enough to commend this mediocre film which should move quickly to the video shelves.


(Pa, B, Ro, LL, VVV, NN, D, M) Pagan worldview with romantic, pagan, biblical, & Catholic elements; 7 profanities, & 6 obscenities; countless acts of graphic extreme violence involving mostly gunfire & fighting; nude woman on a pornographic playing card; smoking; and, stereotyping of government officials as evil & lying

More Detail:

What would you have if the Tin Woodsman from THE WIZARD OF OZ had the fighting skills and invincibility of RAMBO and took the place of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN to protect a Mexican village from rebels? You would have the movie SOLO, an extremely violent sci-fi film that eventually sees good triumph over evil. Regrettably, the audience has to endure gross carnage throughout Solo’s personal quest for identity, and the moral elements are marred by paganism and the stereotyping of government and technology as evil. There are multiple elements that Christians will find objectionable.

There is a positive portrayal of a Catholic priest and lessons in self-sacrifice for the sake of others, but these positive aspects aside, the movie does not merit much attention. The movie does contain some biblical elements, but these are counterbalanced by an objectionable syncretism of Catholicism and animism in the film, which, unfortunately, is often all too real given the story’s setting. Its production quality is barely passable. The acting and directing are unspectacular. In fact, Mario Van Peebles has little to do in the role of Solo other than maintain an emotionless expression and give a one-dimensional performance between battle sequences. This isn’t his fault, it is just the way the character is written, but one expects a bit more considering the price of a movie tickets.