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SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT is intentionally vile, with the most abhorrent content in the history of mainstream moviemaking. The mothers of South Park get outraged and start a war against Canada for producing a vile movie which corrupts their children. Jews, blacks, and homosexuals are mocked, while morality and God are completely vilified and dismissed in this feature-length cartoon, which includes 340 obscenities, sodomy, extreme violence, and foul images.


Anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-morality, intentionally immoral, with the most vile content in the history of mainstream moviemaking; 340 counted obscenities (there may be more that are muddled), 14 profanities & many disgusting bodily functions, including vomiting; bloody violence including ripping out heart, ripping body parts apart, splattering blood, & putting heart in micro-wave oven; extreme sex including homosexuality & pedophilia; extreme nudity including pictures of male & female genitalia, & jokes about the same; smoking by young boy & drug use including hash pipe; and, rebellion, theft, lying, cheating, & a surplusage of other depraved content.

More Detail:

SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT is intentionally vile. It would be impossible for a newspaper, let alone MOVIEGUIDE®, to print how despicable it is. Regrettably, even mentioning how vile SOUTH PARK is will make some people curious; but, the facts win the case, so there has to be some presentation of the facts to pull the teeth of the desire to see this repugnant movie.

SOUTH PARK intends to corrupt children under the guise that they are already wise to the ways of the world, but parents just don’t realize it. So the movie calls parents to accept them for the wicked little people they are and let them indulge their vile little fantasies.

The movie starts with a song about Sunday where Stan rounds up his friends to avoid church so they can go see the latest Terrence and Philip movie which has a a title that includes the rear anatomy on fire. On the screen, Terrence and Philip sing a song emphasizing the F-word in an action that the children should do to their uncles. Terrence and Philip also engage in passing gas, which they light on fire.

Later, outside the theater after another showing of the Terrence and Philip movie, Kenny tries to do the same thing and dies. He is taken to the hospital where his body parts are ripped out and displayed dripping blood. Finally, his heart is put in a microwave. Eventually, Kenny goes to Hell, where the devil is being sodomized by an oversexed Saddam Hussein, who later shows his male anatomy to the audience.

Meanwhile, back in South Park, the little children are using the F-word and every other obscene word in class. They are sent to the school counselor who tells them to substitute euphemisms. The mothers of South Park are outraged and start a war against Canada for producing the Terrence and Philip movie, which, of course, is a veiled reference to Hollywood. This sets the stage for the mocking bigotry which is a hallmark of SOUTH PARK. Canadians are vilified; Jews are belittled; God is also mocked and called a wimp, a faggot and worse; and, to top it off, African-Americans are called darkies and are used by the U.S. Army to shield the white troops, accompanied by dialogue telling everyone that this horrendous act is the Army’s intent. The blacks are shown tied to the sides of airplanes and tanks to shield the white troops in the war with Canada.

Eventually, the heroes sneak into the stadium where the army is executing Terrence and Philip after a pathetic USO show hosted by Big Gay Al, a black homosexual. The children free Terrence and Philip, but not before a major war takes place, blood and guts spurting everywhere. Then, Satan comes from Hell to take over the earth, but our heroes convince Satan to go back, and Kenny goes to Heaven where there are a plethora of nude women with big breasts.

Oh, one other thing. The pivotal saving moment of the movie is a giant female genital that speaks to Stan and tells him how to succeed.

As can be expected, there were children watching this movie in a packed theater. People laughed at the obscene jokes, gave obscene finger gestures to each other, and otherwise seemed to enjoy this blasphemous, immoral, evil movie.

Of course, the whole point of SOUTH PARK is that the children in the movie should have been allowed to see the Terrance & Phillip movie, just as the world’s children should be allowed to see SOUTH PARK, even though it is rated R. Furthermore, the message of the movie is clear: that adults should let children engage in depraved actions and foul language, and that all this is just part of growing up.

Morality and God are completely vilified and dismissed in SOUTH PARK. Evil is extolled. The movie takes literally Marxist Professor Herbert Marcuse’s statement that language is a weapon of the revolution, and the goal of the revolution is to tear down any semblance of morality, i.e., Christianity and the Bible. As Marx said, prostitutes are better than wives (whom he ridicules), families are bad and religion is the opiate of the people. SOUTH PARK captures all of Marx’s lame-brained, immoral ideas on one piece of celluloid.

Boycotting this movie might give it more of an audience, but the rational thing to do is to stay away from any theater playing it. Regrettably, curious children will see it and be corrupted. The future of our society looks very dim after thinking what those children will do and how they will behave after this powerful entertainment virus corrupts their hearts and minds.

Please pass this review on to your friends and family so that they don’t make the mistake of paying to see this awful movie. Also, please write Paramount Pictures to express your outrage.

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