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What You Need To Know:

Mixing pornography with a detective story, TRACES OF RED is a low budget rip off of BASIC INSTINCT. It is a poorly made, badly acted, ineptly directed, forgettable movie which is destined to die a natural death at the box office.


(LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN) 30 obscenities & 30 profanities; rampant murder, stabbings, strangling with telephone chord, knives through heart, shootings, & close-ups of corpses; complete female nudity & male rear nudity; and, pornographic bedroom scenes, prostitution, fornication, & adultery.

More Detail:

TRACES OF RED is a low budget rip off of BASIC INSTINCT and BODY HEAT. Sleazy women are murdered, threatening notes are sent to a homicide detective, and everyone is implicated in the crime.

After an arty opening, the story begins in West Palm Beach, Florida, as a flashback with detective Jack Dobson having an affair with a wealthy and perverse socialite named Ellen. At the same time, Jack fornicates with several women of ill repute, much to Ellen’s annoyance. Suddenly, Jack’s mistresses turn up murdered, and he receives oddly rhymed notes. At first, Jack and his partner, Steve, think that Ellen might be the culprit. Then, halfway through the movie, Steve has an affair with Ellen, and the blame shifts towards him. Next, Jack is seen as the culprit, and we finally wonder if it’s his politican-brother, Michael. Of course, we only wonder this if we sit through this poorly made, badly acted, ineptly directed movie which mixes porn with a detective story. At the screening, several people walked out, demonstrating that the film could not even hold the attention of those who paid money to see it. TRACES OF RED is a forgettable movie destined to die a natural death at the box office.

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