News & Notes

** Homeschoolers Do Better

Homeschooling has often acquired negative stereotypes, but new studies have shown homeschoolers are testing at higher levels than students in public schools.

Homeschooled students are doing better on standardized achievement tests as well as on the SAT and ACT. These higher test scores have caught the eye of many college admissions counselors, and some have begun to specifically recruit homeschooled students.

Despite the negative stereotypes the liberal media and teacher unions try to foist on homeschooling, home schools have been proven to be the more effective schooling for children. After all, God gives the duty of educating children to parents in Deut. 6:9 and no one else!

–       Source: LifeSite News, 01/4/11.



** Reverse Age Discrimination in the Job Market

Due to the economic crisis, unemployment rates for younger age groups have been significantly higher than those for older age groups. Americans who are 20-24 face a 14.2% unemployment rate while those who are 25-34 face a 9.4% rate and, of those who are 55-64, only 6.2% are unemployed.

The disparity between weekly earnings is also similar. Those who are 45-54 and 55-64 have median weekly earnings of $844 and $860 respectively while those who are 25-34 earn $682 weekly. The 20-24s only earn $454 a week.

– Source: NY Times, 05/14/11.



** Self-Publishing is Becoming Simpler

According to Amazon, one of the top booksellers in America, self-published books are becoming more common and successful.

Titles that are self-published account for more than 100,000 new print titles a month, many of which are selling more than titles with publishing companies backing them.

One young author has defied odds and found she can make a living self-publishing her books on Amazon.com. It used to be that self-publishing was one of the hardest ways to make money in the publishing business, but thanks to Amazon’s Kindle and other electronic book readers, it’s become much easier to sell books online to make a profit.

– Source: The Foster Letter, 01/15/11.



** Evolution Loses Followers

It appears that more Americans are beginning to find fault with the beliefs at the heart of evolution theory, and are accepting a more biblical approach.

A new Gallup poll shows 40% of Americans believe God created human beings pretty close to the form they are in today. This belief goes directly against the beliefs of evolution theory, which are so prevalent in today’s society.

The poll also found 38% of Americans believe that human beings have evolved over time under the guidance of God. Finally, less than 16% of Americans believe in the evolution of human beings without God’s help, with more than 40% flat out rejecting the ideas of evolution.

Despite the fact that media and academia have supported evolution for years, many Americans are rejecting the idea of evolution for the truth of God’s creation of man.

– Source: Gallup Poll, 2011.