What You Need To Know:

With his movie THREE OF HEARTS, Director Yurek Bogayevicz does a good job in directing and in convincing the audience that a lesbian lifestyle is acceptable today. The theme is love, any kind of love, illicit or not, is acceptable with or without commitment. The subtlety of this propaganda is the danger of the movie.


(LLL, A/D, Ho, M, NN, SS, V) Over 50 obscenities & vulgar language; scene of drinking & drunkenness; implied lesbian relationship, but nothing shown; gambling & revenge motif; a couple scenes of rear male & female nudity; implied sexual immorality, but nothing shown; and, violence (but not bloody) in man getting beat up.

More Detail:

THREE OF HEARTS is an offbeat, romantic comedy about a lesbian trying to win back the affections of her ex-lover. The lesbianism is handled so as not to make the audience unduly uncomfortable. This subtlety is the danger of the movie. Connie is a lovesick lesbian who connives to woo her ex-lover, Ellen, back into her illicit relationship. To accomplish her goal, Connie hires a gigolo named Joey (William Baldwin) to, first, seduce the bisexual Ellen and, afterwards, to break her heart. Once heartbroken, it is Connie’s hope that Ellen will come running back into her arms. Of course, as with all well made plans, unexpected snafus arise such as Meanwhile, Joey falling in love with Ellen. By the time Connie realizes that she has been doubled crossed, it is too late. Eventually, Connie decides not to stalk Ellen anymore and to help Joey to win Ellen back.

Regrettably, THREE OF HEARTS is a fairly entertaining movie. Most of the acting is convincing, the cinematography is good, and the music smoothly blends in well with the movie. However, to avoid being lulled into accepting a lifestyle that’s in direct contrast to the word of God, caution is advised. Some in Hollywood seem to be bent on making people accept an “alternative” homosexual lifestyle. Actually, we should accept homosexuals as people, love them with the love of God, yet tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth.