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What You Need To Know:

In UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD, set in 1999, West German director Wim Wenders develops a science-fiction romance that revolves around a camera that can take pictures blind people can see--ultimately, a device that can register an individual's thoughts and dreams. The movie contains some striking visual imagery and cinematography along with an abhorrent premise of controlling another's thoughts and thus playing God.


(L, V, SS, N, NA, M) 1 or 2 profanities, 5 to 10 obscenities; adulterous relationship; female upper frontal nudity and side view of nude male; allusions to New Age and Eastern mysticism & healings; tribal spiritism & witchcraft; stealing, lying and "The end justifies the means' premise."

More Detail:

UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD takes place in 1999 when a nuclear satellite threatens to explode. Claire Tourneur is driving stolen loot to Paris. Before long, Claire rescues Trevor McPhee from a gunman. Trevor steals part of her loot. Claire pursues him from Paris to Moscow, Japan, and San Francisco, before ending up in Australia. Trevor, whose real name is Sam Farber, reveals that his father is the missing scientist Henry Farber who has invented a camera that can take pictures blind people can see. Sam has travelled the world taking pictures for his blind mother Edith. He resorted to an alias since the U.S. government, for whom Henry worked, wants the scientist and his invention back. As they reach Henry’s installation, a nuclear detonation cuts everyone off. The Farbers embark on experiments that allow them to ‘videotape’ their dreams.

Even though UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD displays some striking visual designs of the urban future, adequate acting, directing and cinematography, the movie’s abhorrent premise of reading another’s thoughts with the idea of controlling him, is wrong and cannot be condoned since this province belongs to God alone.