God Save Warner Brothers

By David Outten

The bold headline on the front page of the May 26 Hollywood Reporter is “It’s Just the Ticket to Bring Back Youngsters.” Warner Bros. hopes to “bring them back” to one of 3,615 theaters showing the R-rated, “-4” acceptability, extremely vile HANGOVER 2. They are expecting box office of $100 to $125 million over the first five days of release, which would make it the largest opening of 2011 so far.

An unnamed Warner Bros. executive is quoted saying, “If they don’t come, God save the movie business.”

If they do come, God save the audience.

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HANGOVER 2 is filled with graphic male and female nudity, more than 140 obscenities and profanities, homosexuality, and violence. The premise, once more, is that a group of men get so stoned they don’t know what happened the night before. This time they know one of them has a tattoo on his face, one has a shaved head and a sixteen-year-old boy who was expected to have a beer with them has had a finger chopped off and is missing.

The debauchery that follows is a tour of the world’s wickedness – sex, drugs, false religion, dishonesty, blackmail, kidnapping, and racism. The worldview is strongly pagan and hedonistic.

Worse than just a poor reflection on Warner Bros. THE HANGOVER 2 is an indictment of America. The Hollywood Reporter said, “Box office observers don’t expect the R rating to take a big bite out of HANGOVER 2’s business, saying there are plenty of parents who are liberal enough to take their kids to see the comedy.”

THE SOUND OF MUSIC saved 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy. If Warner Bros. executives are placing their hope for a revival of healthy box office on HANGOVER 2, then it speaks volumes about their view of American morality.

In 2011, the standard Monday comment from box office observers is, “Business was down again this week from last year’s numbers.” If the solution to declining audiences really is HANGOVER 2, then America would be wise to hunker down and await the wrath of God.

The Bible teaches that you will reap what you sow.

Warner Bros. may sow millions of dollars in profits on HANGOVER 2, but, in life, you sow much more than just financially. The movie executives sowing paganism and hedonism (along with the rest of us) will live in a culture with people who adopt the lifestyle they’re promoting.

The more pagan and hedonistic America becomes, the less civil Americans will be to one another. If children learn that personal communication should be sprinkled with obscenities and profanities, that having sex is like having a meal, and that alcohol and drugs are like having desert, America will be a worse place to live. The impact of such behavior, seldom seen in movies, sweeps like emotional and financial tornados through families. The cost in welfare alone is staggering.

The irony is that Warner Bros. and Hollywood can choose to make money on movies like THE BLIND SIDE or HANGOVER 2. THE BLIND SIDE builds up family, encourages charity and promotes unselfishness.

There is a lot of money to be made on movies that promote values that enhance the civility of society. THE BLIND SIDE made more than $300 million at the box office and more than $100 million in DVD sales. Also, MOVIEGUIDE®’s annual report on the box office shows that the most family-friendly movies earn three times as much money every year as the least family-friendly movies. In fact, last year, movies rated G and PG averaged $63.7 million but movies rated R averaged only $18 million.

Please, discourage everyone you know from seeing HANGOVER 2.

Sadly, there will be children who are members of church youth groups who see the movie. There will be “Christian” parents who see the movie. In doing so, they will encourage Warner Bros. to make HANGOVER 3 and 4 and 5 – each movie more vile than the last.

God will let America reap what is being sown. If we will not support the good and reject the bad, we will share in the harvest of what Warner Bros. and Hollywood are sowing.