Another Sacrifice To Remember This Memorial Day

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®

Memorial Day is now marked by emails and articles (and even some pictures) that remind us that freedom is not free. Those of us with children in the military understand that. Since the beginning of our Republic, men and women have fought so that the rest of us could be free, first from the tyranny of England, then two world wars, and now in the Middle East. This is a battle against enemies who are at a long distance from us in most cases. Those who fight and pay the ultimate price never return.

There is, however, a bigger battle for each one of us, where the Creator of the universe paid the ultimate price in order to free us from the ultimate Adversary and his tyranny of sin. This battle is often overlooked, although our Founding Fathers understood it. His victory on the Cross over the ultimate Adversary gave us inalienable rights, or, as the Scripture says, God prepared such good things that it surpasses our understanding. Like the missives and articles we may receive on this Memorial Day, to benefit from the freedom the Creator offers us, we have to receive and accept the sacrifice.

The Good News is, that, in the case of Jesus Christ, He rose from the dead, not because He was immortal but because His dead body rose to life to guarantee us the first fruits of true freedom.

Furthermore, in John 14, Jesus says He will not abandon us. He sends us a defense counsel, a helper, an advocate who helps us understand the price He paid for our freedom and the Good News that we have attained His promises that exceed all we can desire. All we have to do is acknowledge the price He paid and accept the freedom He offers.