No Creation Movie Allowed

By David Outten, Production Editor

The movie EXPELLED:  NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED recently went up for auction following the bankruptcy of the movie’s owner Premise Media. Surprisingly, one organization excited about bidding on the movie was TalkOrigins, which held an Internet fundraising campaign in hopes of placing the winning bid and becoming owners of a movie they labeled an “execrable propaganda film.”

It’s one thing to make a movie with an opposing view. It’s another to try to purchase the work of an opponent. You can rest assured TalkOrigins had no intention of further distributing the film. A prominent donor to the effort was Professor Richard Dawkins who appeared in the movie in a less than flattering way. TalkOrigins raised nearly $50,000 dollars to bid on a movie they despised. They lost to an unnamed bidder who paid $201,000.

EXPELLED:  NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED is about efforts to silence scientists who believe in intelligent design. Now those who wish the see these scientists silenced want to silence the movie that exposed their activity – talk about proving the point of the filmmakers.