4 Christian Celebrities that Encourage Others to Wait till Marriage

4 Christian Celebrities that Encourage Others to Wait till Marriage

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

“Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is be undefiled…” Hebrews 13:4 NASB

Sadly, the above scripture isn’t followed by all Christians. A survey done by ChristianMingle in 2014 revealed that only 11% of Christians planned to abstain from sex until they were married. While it’s not a comprehensive survey of the Christian community, it’s shocking nonetheless. Among unbelievers, the idea of abstaining from sex until marriage is almost unheard of. Thankfully, there is grace upon grace for falling into temptation and sexual sin, and some Christian celebrities are voicing their commitment to abstinence or recommitting themselves to abstinence before marriage.

Here are four Christian celebrities that are seeking to obey God in this way:

1) Chris Pratt: After an unfortunate divorce with ex-wife Anna Farris (OVERBOARD, MOM), Pratt and his girlfriend, Katherine Schwarzenegger plan to abstain from premarital sex until/ if they get married according to sources close to them. Thanks, Chris for setting a good example for your son and fans.

2) Jordin Sparks: This singer/actress renewed her committed to abstinence after a breakup. We’re always proud when the Lord gets ahold of His people’s hearts! Sparks is now married (as of last year) and loving the Lord through her actions. Sparks’ fervor for the Lord sends a great message to her fans who’ve been following her since her AMERICAN IDOL days.  Catch her in the new faith-based movie GOD BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD that releases in September.

3) Sadie Robertson: Sadie is no stranger to voicing her thoughts on faith. As the founder of Live Original and runner-up on DANCING WITH THE STARS, Sadie uses her platform to help young believers aspire to follow God’s commands. In her book “Live Original”, Sadie details three rules for practicing abstinence in dating: (1) Don’t be home alone together; (2) Stay out of each other’s bedrooms; and, (3) Pray together before dates. Sadie also hosted the 23rd Movieguide® Awards.

4) Tim Tebow: It may be hard to believe, but this athlete turned movie producer is still single. Tebow and current girlfriend Pia Wurtzbach (former Miss Universe) have spoken about abstinence, as Tebow’s faith is very important to him. In fact, his beliefs about sex before marriage caused one of his former girlfriends to break up with him in 2015. Keep pressing on Tebow!

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