The Very Best You Can Bee: The Bee Books by David Outten

The Very Best You Can Bee: The Bee Books by David Outten

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Having 11 grandchildren, I am very enthusiastic about author and filmmaker David Outten’s series of books featuring a little bee who learns all sorts of things, especially how to be the very best person he can be – kind, loving, generous, thoughtful, considerate, and (although the books don’t say it explicitly) including all the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the personal attributes commended by God in the Bible.

These are cute and adorable books that will help children be amazing, creative and loving of God and other people. David worked for many years full-time for MOVIEGUIDE® and still helps out where possible. He once worked as an artist with the Walt Disney’s WED Show Productions in Orlando and has been involved with entertainment all his life. His daughter Amy, an elementary school art teacher, is his illustrator. Their first children’s book was The Best You Can Bee and the second is Bee Amazing. He and his daughter are working on Bee Creative, Bee Thankful and Bee Beautiful.

David’s Bee books are delightful and simple reads to your children and grandchildren, and they are highly recommended.