Everyone Should Pray as Much as Mark Wahlberg

Everyone Should Pray as Much as Mark Wahlberg
By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Mark Wahlberg is an actor, producer, director, father, husband, co-owner of a family restaurant chain…. This guy is busy, busy, busy. Regardless of all his commitments and responsibilities, according to a daily schedule of Wahlberg’s that was made public, the star, who’s a committed catholic, spends 30 to 45 minutes in prayer every morning. If this media mogul can find the time, we should be encouraged to do the same!

The star whose recent movies include DADDY’S HOME, DEEPWATER HORIZON and the upcoming family comedy INSTANT FAMILY shared on Tuesday the answer to some frequently asked question about his daily routine. He detailed his movements starting at 2:30 am when he wakes up until 7:30 pm when he goes to bed. A good portion of his day includes working out, workout recovery and meals, but if one looks closely, you can’t help but notice a good chunk of time dedicated towards prayer and family time. Thirty minutes to be exact from 2:45 am to 3:15 am Wahlberg likes to spend praying.

Despite the chaotic life of this actor/entrepreneur, it seems that Wahlberg’s successes in life come in part to his dedication, but more importantly, by starting every day with God. This is a discipline that many Christians hope to accomplish but often don’t. In the Evangelical Alliance’s study in 2014, 1,500 evangelical Christians were surveyed on the importance of prayer and Bible reading.  “Although 87% agreed that every Christian needs to spend time alone with God on a daily basis and that without that their faith will suffer, 42% said that they find it difficult to find time on a regular disciplined basis to pray and read the Bible,” the study concludes.

With the boom of the internet and interconnectivity, Christians have many resources available to find ways to engage with the word of God. YouVersion and Scripture Typer are just a few apps believers can utilize pause from the day and read from the scriptures.

As Christians, we are in the constant process of sanctification (1 Thess. 4:7) which does require active effort on our part to dwell with God. The best way to accomplish this time is to purse intentionality with God by ourselves. We should heed the words of Jesus in Matthew, “But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is in secret will reward you” (Matthew 6:6 NASB). Time away from the noise of the world is refreshing. Pair that with learning more about our heavenly Father and our attitude shifts to one of humility as the hours of our day tick by.

Second, many Christians marvel at the state of unrest in their lives, but still fail to make time for prayer and the word. According to the American Bible Society, over 87% of homes in America have Bibles, with the average house having three, but 53% of Americans know little to any Bible passages. There’s an obvious disconnect here. We say we love God, but we don’t spend time in His word… That’s like saying, “Hey I love my spouse, but we don’t talk or find the time to go on dates…” This type of thinking is backward but ultimately affirms the saying, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” The missionary Jim Elliot recorded in his journal, “Privacy before God who sees in secret is an integral part of true prayer…. God knows and hears, however…”

Prayer will drastically change your life. Maybe not all at once, but even the sheer number of Bibles we have in this country is uplifting! All we need to do is crack open the spine of our Bibles and our hearts to the Spirits leading. If you need a good place to start or don’t know what to say to God, try using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide (*see Matthew 6:9-13). Chances are after you know it well, it’ll take you under a minute to offer it up to God. If you need another kickstart, take a page out of Wahlberg’s book and schedule it in your day. Write a reminder on a sticky note, make an alarm on your phone. Whatever your method, make Him your first priority. You’ll be amazed at how your relationship with Him will grow over time as you master this life-giving gift.

Keep praying Mark!