Sean Feucht, Benjamin Watson on Fox News: “There’s a Revival in America!”

Sean Feucht (left) appears on Fox News with Shannon Bream (center) and Benjamin Watson (right) | Photo via Sean Feucht Facebook

Sean Feucht, Benjamin Watson on Fox News: “There’s a Revival in America!”

By Jenny Rose Spaudo, Contributing Writer

Bethel Music worship leader Sean Feucht declared on Fox News that God is bringing revival to the United States.

“I believe this is an hour of revival in America,” Feucht told Fox News journalist Shannon Bream. “I know that it looks crazy from what we’re seeing in these cities. I know that it looks hopeless at times. But I’m telling you, there is a hunger and there is a desire for God like I’ve never seen.”

The founder of the Let Us Worship movement recently made headlines for his “Worship Protest.” Movieguide® recently reported that thousands of Christians flooded the streets of Seattle after officials closed a local park so that Feucht’s group couldn’t gather to worship.

But Seattle authorities couldn’t stop Feucht’s group from taking to the streets to proclaim the Good News. And as a result, Feucht said baptisms, salvations, and racial reconciliation took place.

Because of the attention his worship protest received, Feucht had the opportunity to share about the movement on Fox News. He posted the interview on his Instagram with a caption that read: “THERE IS A REVIVAL IN AMERICA! … Interview with @shannonbream @benjaminswatson on what God is doing in America!!! Unreal we get to share this on PRIMETIME NEWS! THIS IS HISTORIC!!!! Tag someone to watch this who needs hope!!!”

Bream asked Feucht what his response was to his critics who claimed the massive worship gatherings were unsafe. He replied:

“We’re just in such a divisive time right now, not only just politically, but we have the pandemic. We have churches closing down across America. And this is the hour that the church has answers to bring unity, to bring hope, to bring life. I think that’s what we’re starting to notice in these cities across America.”

Feucht and his movement have been partnering with local pastors in big cities across the U.S. to host revivals. And as a result, he told Bream, the participating churches have seen God do incredible things.

“We’re joining with local pastors and we’re saying, ‘Let’s come together, let’s worship, and let’s ask God for a spiritual awakening in these cities,'” Feucht said. “And the response of the church has just been so astounding.”

Former NFL star Benjamin Watson also participated in the Fox News interview and applauded Feucht’s efforts for revival.

“Right now, we are a shaken world with the pandemic, and we’re a shaken country because of the election, because of the pandemic, because of economic crisis, because of racial injustice,” Watson said. “All these things have shaken us to the core. So I applaud what my brother here is doing. We do need that sort of revival. We do need to understand that John Adams said, ‘This Constitution doesn’t work unless we are a moral people.'”

Feucht  agreed and said he has spent the last 20 years of his life serving as a missionary around the world, but now he feels he is a missionary in his own nation.

“I am astounded at the hunger and the desire for people to worship and pray and receive healing from God, so I’m just so grateful,” he said.