What You Need To Know:

A Netflix original movie, THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN picks up two years after the violent events of the first movie. No one believes Cole’s story about fighting teenage Devil worshippers when he was 12, because no bodies were found. Now, Cole is a social outcast. When Cole learns his parents are going to ship him off to a psychiatric academy, he and his friend, Melanie, ditch school with some teenagers and head to the lake. One of Melanie’s other friends begins to question Cole about the night his babysitter attacked him. Suddenly, Melanie gets super annoyed and kills one of the girls with them. Melanie reveals she’s picking up where the dead babysitter left off, to sacrifice Cole to the Devil for Cole’s innocent blood.

THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN is better made with a stronger, more positive ending than the first BABYSITTER movie. However, although it has some positive Christian, moral content, it’s still plagued by occult, demonic content and false theology, constant foul language, extreme violence, and strong sexual content. For these reasons, MOVIEGUIDE® labels the BABYSITTER sequel, KILLER QUEEN, abhorrent.


(PaPaPa, OO, FRFR, C, B, FeFe, Ho, LLL, VVV, SS, N, AA, DD, MM): Dominant worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Very strong, slightly mixed pagan worldview with strong occult elements containing strong false theology as villains continue to worship the Devil by means of a blood cult to get whatever their lustful hearts desire, but they die a violent death though the means of their deaths is their occult ritual becomes tainted, and dead people return from “Limbo” to complete a Devil worshipping blood ritual, mixed with some Christian, moral elements such as a villain’s origin story shows the character made a sacrifice to save another person’s life, one of the villains accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior while dying, heroes stick together and risk their lives for one another, plus there are some feminist elements such as a discussion about taking the “Plan B” abortion pill and about how the future is female, and there’s a comment about the homosexual program QUEER EYE

Foul Language:
At least 110 obscenities, 18 profanities (some GDs), light and strong name calling, a comment starting with “I swear to God,” vomiting, urinating, urine accidentally gets on a character’s face, an obscene gesture, and a comment about poop

Extreme, strong and light violence includes, shoving, teenager hit in the head with a ball, teenager trips and falls, character gets a hook ripped through their neck, explosions, knives, a flame thrower is used, a hanging shown, a trophy through someone’s neck shown, head blown off shown, character hits another person with car and traps the person by a rock where something slides and cuts off the person’s head, animals are shot and killed for no reason, character accidently shoots herself, but it doesn’t kill her, characters jump and fall between rocks, another character falls between rocks and gets stuck, and when others try to save her they pull her body off her head, a character tries to kill people with an ax, a character stabs person with the heel of a shoe and hits him in the genitals, people are stabbed and shot at, a character is lit on fire and then chopped up by a boat motor, two people blow up into ash, a car accident is shown, a character is killed with bones through his head, character killed by getting his limbs chopped off, fist fight, and bodies burn and people die

Strong and light sexual content includes two teenagers make out in a closet during a Spin the Bottle game, teenage couple kisses, implied fornication between two teenager, adult encourages teenager to be sexually active, a strip club comment, and lots of sex talk about sexual activity STDs, erectile dysfunction, and self-abuse

Upper male nudity while at the lake swimming, girls are also in bikinis, lots of cleavage and midriff shown with whole stomachs revealed, upper male nudity for no reason other than the guy is very muscular

Alcohol Use:
Underage drinking but no drunkenness

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No tobacco smoking, but parents smoke marijuana; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Teenage rebellion, dysfunctional family elements, bad role model in a father, stealing, and greed.

More Detail:

A Netflix original movie, THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN picks up two years later as Cole, now a teenager, has become pegged as a social outcast and encounters more Devil worshippers from an unexpected source. KILLER QUEEN is better made with a stronger, more positive ending than the first BABYSITTER movie, but it’s still plagued by occult, demonic content and false theology, constant foul language, extreme violence, and strong sexual content.

Two years after the events in the first movie, KILLER QUEEN opens with Cole, now a young teenager pouring a late-night glass of milk. As he pours, the milk turns to blood. When his father enters the room, Cole realizes he’s just having another nightmare from his past experience fighting his former Devil-worshipping babysitter, Bee.

Cut to the following day at school. Cole and his friend, Melanie, talk outside school about his past experience, and how she’s the only one who believes what happened to him. That night of the first attack, all the bodies disappeared. So, people think he’s basically losing his mind and making everything up, deeming him a social outcast.

In one of Cole and Melanie’s classes that day, a new girl is introduced as Phoebe. Phoebe seems aggressive and rude. Melanie and Cole chat in the hallway about Phoebe. Melanie tries to convince Cole to go to the lake the next day with her and her friends, but Cole passes.

The next morning before school, Cole searches for his school paper and finds a brochure for a psychiatric academy, where his parents are taking him later that day. When Cole arrives at school, he tells Melanie about it. So, when Cole’s parents arrive at school during lunch to take him away, Cole, Melanie and a few of her friends ditch class and head to the lake.

Later that evening on Melanie’s boyfriend’s houseboat, the crew plays Spin the Bottle. The bottle points to Cole, and he and Melanie have a steamy make-out session in the closet. When they come out, one of the guys starts pressing Cole about the experience he had with his beautiful but demonic babysitter.

Suddenly, Melanie becomes furious and stabs one of her friends. It turns out that Melanie had signed the Devil’s book from Bee, the killer babysitter, and now she and her friends need Cole’s innocent blood again. At the same time, all the people who died in the previous movie come back to life after spending two years in “Limbo,” waiting for the opportunity to finish the ritual using Cole’s blood.

The blood cult Devil worshippers are ready to kill Cole, but when Phoebe opens the door looking for gas for her jet ski, she sees what they’ve done. Phoebe and Cole flee, now having to find a way to stay alive until the sun rises.

THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN is an above average sequel to THE BABYSITTER. New plotlines and characters are introduced, but they are pretty well intertwined with old characters where everything makes sense in the end. The actors do well in their roles, but the unbelievable way everyone dies is extremely graphic. There’s also some cringe-worthy moments sparking a romance between Cole and Phoebe, the two social outcasts.

KILLER QUEEN has a mixed pagan worldview with strong occult elements containing strong false theology. The Devil worshippers want to use a blood ritual involving human sacrifice to get their hearts desire. Also, dead people return to life from Limbo to finish a blood ritual they started in the first movie. The movie’s occult rituals and false theology are mitigated by some Christian, moral elements. For example, the two teenage heroes risk their lives to save one another from the evil Devil worshippers. Also, before he dies, a villain accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Despite this, THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN is plagued by constant foul language, extreme violence and strong sexual content, along with the occult content. For these reasons, MOVIEGUIDE® labels KILLER QUEEN abhorrent.