Despite Pressure, Kim Kardashian-West Refuses To Slander Trump

Photo from Donald Trump’ Twitter

Despite Pressure, Kim Kardashian-West Refuses To Slander Trump

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

In a new interview, Kim Kardashian-West told David Letterman about the immense pressure to not associate with President Donald Trump.

“Trust me, everyone called me and said, ‘Don’t you dare step foot in that White House or your reputation is done,'” Kardashian-West told Letterman on the Netflix series, MY NEXT GUEST NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION.

Kardashian-West appeared side-by-side with the president to discuss prison reform in 2018.

During her visit, Kardashian-West convinced the president to reduce the prison sentence for Alice Johnson, a great-grandmother charged with a non-violent drug crime. Kardashian West said she was “extremely grateful” for the administration’s decision. 

Hollywood went nuts then and continues to drag her about the meetings.

Despite this pressure, Kardashian-West refused to slander the president in any way and said that her heart for criminal justice reform is beyond politics.  

“Hopefully, for the next multiple administrations, I’ll be working with the White House, helping them with clemencies,” Kardashian-West said. 

“But see, your good work is overwhelming,” Letterman said. 

Kardashian-West credited her husband and children for growing her passion for political activism.  

“My evolution on this is probably some combination of growing up, getting married, having kids and my life being so different than what it was when I was starting out,” Kardashian told CR Fashion Book. “Now, I feel like I have a duty to myself and to my children more than the public and I want to be a good role model for my kids.”

Letterman filmed the interview with Kardashian-West before Democrats named Joe Biden as their candidate and before Kardashian-West’s husband, Kanye West, announced his own run for the White House.

Letterman conceded that although he disagrees with Trump and his administration, he appreciates the work Kardashian-West is doing as an advocate for law and reform.