Yes, The Olympics Are Still On! NBCUniversal Announces Tokyo Games Will Air This Summer

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Yes, The Olympics Are Still On! NBCUniversal Announces Tokyo Games Will Air This Summer

By Movieguide® Staff

Despite a yearlong delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics are set for this summer with one major difference – There will be no live audience at the international ceremonies that will be streamed worldwide.

Deadline reported that NBCUniversal will present an unprecedented 7,000 hours of coverage of the Tokyo Olympics this summer on two broadcast networks, six cable networks and multiple digital platforms serving both English- and Spanish-language viewers.

The announcement comes as welcome news after the Olympic Committee was unsure if the games would occur this year.

As Movieguide® previously reported:

“I believe there will be an Olympics,” Comcast chairman Brian Roberts said. “We are super hopeful and optimistic.”

The cable giant recently held an earnings conference call where Brian Roberts and NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell discussed the future of the Summer Games.

“Sitting here today, I believe there will be an Olympics. I hope there will be an Olympics,” Roberts said.

Roberts noted how other major sporting events have adapted to the various rules and regulations and believes that these same strategies can be applied to the Olympic Games.

Roberts also explained that a return of the Olympics would be “an amazing moment for the world to come back together post what we have all globally been through.”

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will still to keep “2020” in the name, even though the games will happen in 2021.

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It is a reminder of all we have been through in the past year with coronavirus.

Though the pandemic and travel restrictions will prevent a live audience from cheering on their home countries, the games will up their broadcast content with an extreme amount of coverage that is set to stream all around the world.

“After a devastating year, the world comes together again, finally, in Tokyo this summer,” said Molly Solomon, Executive Producer and President, NBC Olympics Production. “We are going to deliver the most comprehensive — and accessible — coverage for any sports event in history. The depth and breadth of our broadcasts will be unprecedented, showcasing once-in-a-generation athletes and storylines that will capture the incredible uniqueness of these Games and our times.”

All 41 Olympic sports, as well as the 339 medal events in the Tokyo program will be included in the streaming lineup.

The media companies also plan to stream the Opening and Closing ceremonies along with medal ceremonies and more.

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