Erin And Ben Napier Went Through a Period of Grieving Before Mae Was Born

Photo from Erin Napier’s Instagram

Erin And Ben Napier Went Through a Period of Grieving Before Mae Was Born

By Movieguide® Contributor

HOME TOWN stars Erin and Ben Napier are now the happy parents of two daughters. However, the couple admits they initially had fears about having a second child. 

“We went through a period of grieving before Mae was born,” Erin told TODAY Parents, referring to the couple’s fears that they wouldn’t be able to manage a two-kid household. “I was just grieving our time as a family of three and thinking, ‘It will never be like this again.’”

 Of course, all these worries disappeared as soon as Mae was born last year. 

“All of our worries were unfounded,” Erin continued. “It feels like Mae was always there.”

However, the Napiers are still figuring out how to juggle raising two daughters. The couple said they read to oldest daughter Helen, 4, constantly when she was young, but have less time to do the same for Mae. 

“We have less time to read to Mae because we’re taking care of all the things that Helen needs,” Erin explained. “And I beat myself up over it, like ‘Is Mae not going to love reading because I haven’t read 50 books to her?’”

Helen is more than willing to help out, however. The Napiers shared that she is a great big sister, making up stories for Mae and looking at books with her. They’re so close that Helen can’t even be in the room when Mae takes her bottle because she’s just so focused on her big sister.

“Mae is obsessed with Helen,” Ben laughed. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the Napiers’ lives as parents:

HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier recently celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Mae.

 Since their daughter’s birth in May, the couple has shared sweet moments on Instagram of their love for one another and the newest member of their family.

In a recent shoutout, Erin shared a photo of her husband and their 3-year-old daughter Helen on his shoulders.

“I love parenting with you,” Erin wrote.

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