Dolly Parton Pleads for Prayer for Ukraine While Hosting ACM Awards

Dolly Parton/Instagram

Dolly Parton Pleads for Prayer for Ukraine While Hosting ACM Awards

By Movieguide® Contributor

Music legend Dolly Parton hosted the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday and took special time out from the celebration to address the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As reported by Fox News, Parton “delivered an opening monologue in which she dedicated the ‘entire show’ to Ukraine, asking everyone to send their prayers to the people of Ukraine in the midst of Russia’s invasion” and pleaded with the audience to pray for peace.

“I love to laugh, I love to joke, and we’re going to have a good time tonight, but I do want us, before we get started with all our fun, to take a serious moment,” Parton said while speaking to a packed Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Now I don’t want to be political and this is not. I’d rather pass a kidney stone than do that, but I want us to send our love and hope to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.”

“So why don’t we just dedicate this entire show to them and pray for peace around this crazy old world?”

Viewers of the award show were largely supportive of Parton’s comments, as Fox reported Twitter users posted, “Such a class act asking to support Ukraine,” and “thank you” to Parton.

When Old Dominion won Group of the Year, member Matthew Ramsey mentioned Ukraine during the acceptance speech:

“I’m so thankful that Dolly said what she said at the beginning because I was feeling a little bit strange because we’re in this beautiful bubble here where every person whose name is mentioned tonight has fought for their dreams. But there are people fighting for their lives right now, and it felt a little weird. So I’m so thankful she said that. So thank you. We’re so grateful for this award. Couldn’t be more thankful.”

Parton and Ramsey join a growing list of influential celebrities who have spoken out in support of Ukraine. Movieguide® reported actors Tim Allen, Ashton Kutcher and Evangelist Franklin Graham have been vocal on social media platforms. Hollywood at large is cracking down on Russia, as reported on Movieguide®:

Artists like Imagine Dragons, Green Day, AJR, Eric Clapton, and Louis Tomlinson have all canceled shows in Russian and Ukrainian cities in light of the conflict…

…Cannes Film Festival just announced that Russian delegates will not be welcome this year, while studios like Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, and Paramount are pulling their movies from Russian theaters. 

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