JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY Is A Mixed Bag of Competing Worldviews

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JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY Is A Mixed Bag of Competing Worldviews

By Movieguide® Contributor

JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY is a docuseries currently streaming on NETFLIX. The series is directed by Coodie and Chike and produced by Kanye West. The series follows Kanye’s rise to fame and his journey through life from his perspective, void of the influence of the media or the Kardashians.

Act One of JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY follows Kanye’s rise to celebrity status. This segment is primarily composed of interviews with friends and family. The episode helps to paint a picture of the struggles Kanye went through on his road to stardom. It also gives viewers a deeper understanding of his relationships with friends and family members, specifically his relationship with his mother.

Act Two focuses on Kanye’s music. The segment follows his development in the music and recording industry. It features many scenes of him rapping both onstage and off, along with more information and footage of his rise to global fame.

Act Three primarily focuses on his personal life and includes footage about the birth of his child, his then-wife Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, his hospitalization and struggles with mental health, his conversion to Christianity, and his 2020 political campaign.

JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY reflects a romantic worldview with some elements of a mild moral, Christian worldview. The docuseries follows Kanye’s rise to fame as a leading rap artist and, as such, reflects a relatively self-centered focus. The materialistic and sometimes offensive culture of rap is also displayed throughout the docuseries reflecting the idea that life is about self-gratification and self-pleasure, even if it is occasionally at the expense of others. Additionally, while Kim is rarely featured in the series, elements of the Kardashian’s self-centered, humanistic mentality bleed into the series. The series does contain some moral elements as Kanye has a close relationship with his mother and has a positive, responsible outlook on parenting. The docuseries also highlight Kanye’s conversion to Christianity and its effect on his life. However, these more positive worldviews are somewhat muddled, as many elements of the docuseries, Kanye’s life, and his music directly conflict with these beliefs, placing them in an almost hypocritical light.

JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY is mostly void of violence; however, there is discussion of Kardashian’s violent robbery in Paris and video footage of one of their children in the NICU unit. Profanity, and offensive language are used regularly throughout the docuseries. Many of Kanye’s songs are also featured in the series, containing foul language or inappropriate references. There are occasional instances of partying, drinking, and smoking on screen. The series also has footage addressing Kanye’s mental-health struggles, including footage of the incidents that lead to his hospitalization. The series also covers Kanye’s speeches during his brief presidential campaign, which contain questionable, sometimes offensive opinions about America and African Americans.

JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY has incredibly poor production quality. The series features copy-and-pasted footage from different cameras that switch from scene to scene. While some of the footage is high quality and filmed professionally, many shots are taken with outdated technology causing the scenes to not feel connected.  In many of the shots, the camera is not held steady causing the footage to be unclear and hard to watch as the camera shakes. Additionally, the series is relatively slow, fractured, and confusing to follow.

While the docuseries are entertaining and interesting for most die-hard Kanye West fans, this show is slow and uninteresting for the average viewer. Because JEEN-YUHS: A KANYE TRILOGY has some questionable content and a mixed worldview, MOVIEGUIDE® advises discretion for teenagers.

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