NFL Star Demario Davis Praises God After Daughter Beats Cancer: ‘He Was A Miracle Worker’

Photo from Tamela Davis’ Instagram

NFL Star Demario Davis Praises God After Daughter Beats Cancer: ‘He Was A Miracle Worker’

By Movieguide® Staff

NFL linebacker Demario Davis and his wife, Tamela, recently opened up about their daughter Carly-Faith’s battle with cancer.

“When I really heard the doctors tell us that it was cancer and what our journey was going to look like, from that moment on there was just this weakening and it went from the top of head to the bottom of my feet and almost as if I was going to pass out,” Tamela Davis told CBN News.

Davis first noticed something was wrong with his daughter’s left eye in May 2020. Doctors discovered that it was retinoblastoma, a rare cancer of the eye.

“We got the same shocking news that many people get and we had the same emotions that many people have – anger, confusion, sadness,” Demario explained.

Doctors concluded that surgery, and removal of Carly-Faith’s left eye, was the way forward.

“I’m a person who typically don’t handle things very well especially when it comes to our children,” Tamela said. “I was trusting and relying on God a hundred percent and He just really comforted me and gave me peace to really be able to embrace what was happening.”

Demario added that they leaned on scripture to sustain their family.

“It’s a lot like the man who built his house on the rock versus building his house on the sand. When the storms come, the man that built his house on the rock, the house stood,” he explained. “But the one that built his house on sand, it collapsed. And that storm is reflective of the trials that will come in life. It’s not IF trials are going to come, it’s WHEN trials are going to come, and so it’s important to build a foundation and build it on rock. And I believe you build that in the Word and through a relationship with God.”

After a successful surgery, Davis and his wife jumped into action to raise awareness about the rare cancer.

“There’s need for more funding and more research,” the New Orleans Saints star said. “We wanted to support that but also be able to support the families that have children that have been impacted by it that may need to be able to travel, stay in a hotel, and be able to be around their kid without the strain of finances. And so that why we partnered with Vanderbilt in doing.”

Carly-Faith is cancer-free, and her parents thanked God for his provision for their family.

‘”We thought it was a miracle to save our daughter’s eye but then God just started to reveal to us all that he was a miracle worker regardless of whether he saved our daughter’s eye or not and that changed our perspective,” Demario said.

“We were like, ‘God we don’t know how this is going to turn out, but if You take her eye, You’re still good. If You take her life, You’re still good. And regardless of how all of this, what the end results are, we’re going to give You the glory, we’re going to give You the praise,'” Tamela added.

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