Newsboys Encourage Fans to Unite Over Fundamental Gospel Beliefs

Photo from Newsboys Instagram

Newsboys Encourage Fans to Unite Over Fundamental Gospel Beliefs

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Newsboys are encouraging their fans to disregard social and political differences and come together as they head back out on the road for their “Stand Together Tour.”

“It’s such a divided country nowadays,” band frontman Michael Tait told the Christian Post. “Divided over race, wars in other countries, the world’s in disarray, but the Bible tells us it was coming anyway. The more important question is, where do we stand in all of this? Where are our heads? Where are our hearts?”  

The band is encouraging people to maintain love and hope, even in these tumultuous times. 

“I think the best years are ahead of this. I don’t believe everything I see on mainstream media,” drummer Ducan Phillips said. “I’m not saying it’s not real, don’t get me wrong. I know it’s real, I know it’s really happening, but I think sometimes there’s a lot more going on. So be encouraged; God is good, we win in the end, it’s all good.”

The Newsboys are also urging their fans to make connections, instead of focusing on their differences. 

“I think you’ve got to become a lover of people,” Phillips said. “When you become a lover of people, these things don’t matter as much. I don’t think we’re as divided as we’re led to believe…what I’m called to do is love you, is to go out to all the world, preach the Gospel with love. I think there’s a lot more that connects us than doesn’t.”

As the group continues their tour, they’ve seen firsthand the power that comes from people who are united in their faith. 

“There’s something about when you come together as a group of people,” Phillips continued. “I think what I love about Newsboys is it’s so interdenominational. We see Mennonites to Catholics to Protestants to you name it. Three generations of fans coming to enjoy Newsboys.”

Movieguide® previously reported on The Newsboys’ efforts to unite people through their music:

“Guilty” is also notable for being featured in the band’s eighteenth and latest studio album, titled “Love Riot”. In an interview with The Christian Post, the Newsboys’ drummer Duncan Phillips shared that the album is intended to help inspire the American masses to love one another amid recent racial tensions.

Phillips said, “I think we’ve seen enough rioting over hate, about hate, or because of hate. As a band, I think we’re over it,” and also “Black Lives Matter, which they do, but then if I look at my Bible, every life matters.”

This conviction led to the band deciding that their album should emphasize God’s love as revealed through the Gospel.

In the drummer’s own words, “I think what we want to say with this record is instead of all the hate we’ve seen, instead of all the wackiness we’ve seen… let’s have a love riot. Our faith is a faith of love. It’s the ultimate love that our Creator, our Maker, our Savior came down from the right hand of the Father out of love. Truly out of love, for no other reason, and made that bridge between us and our Father God.” 

Whether through “Love Riot” or “God’s Not Dead 2”, the Newsboys are rather active right now in supporting contemporary concerns. More importantly, the biblical truth that all people must submit to Jesus Christ’s grace and authority unifies both the band’s call to set aside racial differences and to promote religious liberty. On an extra note, the Newsboys’ participation in the “God’s Not Dead” series attests to how a soundtrack can significantly help to shape not only a movie’s mood but also its worldview.