Witches, Spirits and Psychics Marr THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM

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Witches, Spirits and Psychics Marr THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Disney+ documentary series THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM recently came out with a second season, continuing Goldblum’s journeys to explore all too familiar sounding topics such as ice cream, video games, swimming pools and more. 

Jeff Goldblum goes out into the world, the world as he knows it, delving deep into concepts we assume to know all about, finding all sorts of fascinating connections and information that portray our world in an eye opening, awe inspiring fashion. Season 2 picks right back up with the same adventures but new topics.

Dogs, dance, magic, fireworks, monsters, tiny things, puzzles, motorcycles, birthdays, and even backyards are all explored in this new chapter. Viewers follow along as Jeff learns more about who we are as humans, how we connect with people and things around us, and why we are so blessed to live this life.

Each new episode takes on a different topic which viewers soon find out may actually be global obsessions, massive money makers, or simply something to connect all people of the world. The opportunities are endless for Jeff Goldblum, as well as all the new information, and viewers just get to join along for the ride!

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM has a predominately paganistic worldview due to the apparent “anything goes” view of faith/worship to anything, use of magic, belief in spirits, and more. Material goods and pleasure are a main goal / a pursuit in life. There are some redeeming morals and values such as inclusivity, thankfulness, joy, sacrifice, and more.

Although the series contains no obscenities, there are a handful of profanities throughout. A few “Oh my God”’s are thrown out as reactions, as well as an “Oh my God in heaven.” No violence, only mention of things that could potentially be dangerous such as riding motorcycles, maybe also scary people chasing others in a haunted house.

No nudity, only dancers seen wearing slightly revealing outfits. No sexual content, no smoking, no drugs, and no alcohol is in the show. Some miscellaneous immorality such lying and deceit are mentioned to be at the center of magic, but that is about it.

The production value was well done, the show is overall quite enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. The series is authentic and feels unscripted which is often a breath of fresh air. The use of color and beautiful lighting is insane as each scene is thoroughly pleasing to the eye. It may be a tad bit cheesy at times, but it is sweet and pure.

However, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM’s biggest flaw is its presentation of witches, talking to spirits, psychics, “dark powerful forces”, or other worldly beliefs that go against God. Although there are some redeeming moral qualities such as love, sacrifice, thankfulness, inclusiveness and more- the negative aspects outweigh them. Due to moderately questionable elements as well as some worldview problems, discernment is advised for older children.